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Romania 2016 Recap! Romania 2017 here I come!

I’m just about to hop off to Romania for the third year in a row, and I want to share with you my wonderful experiences I had there from last year! This will be quite a different trip as I won’t have the extra work (and stress) of co-hosting the AW Awards. It turned out to be a fun and amazing time, and I was so happy I was given the opportunity to do it by Alex and the support I got from Ana and their outstanding AW team! They are truly hard-working professionals and are so awesome! And I can’t forget to mention my partner in crime Douglas, who made the whole thing so much fun and unpredictable and added a lot of laughter!

So before I go, here is a video showing you all a major part of my first week in Romania last year and most of the things I did during the trip. My second week in Romania was just as memorable with some brand new experiences, which you all will get to see in the near future (hint, hint for part 2).  Just watching this video made me smile and excited to head back there! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

I will miss you all while I’m gone, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter while I’m away to see pics and videos of what I’m up to. Thank you all for those of you who nominated and voted for me in the upcoming awards in Romania!  And as always, behave while I’m gone so we can be naughty when I return online the night of June 16!

xx, O


Meeting a Fellow Cam Model at the AVN

Being at the AVN Convention has let me meet my friends who visit my room every week in person, as well as new friends who will soon join me there. Meeting them is great fun.

And being interviewed by writers and reporters, gives me the chance to educate people on what Live Camming is really about, as well as show a bit of special little red charisma.

But you know what I absolutely love? Getting the chance to sit down and talk with one of my fellow web cam models. Just like Harriet Sugarcookie, who is also up for the Live Cam Awards in March. We got to sit down and chat for a bit and she has uploaded her interview now. I hope you enjoy it, and hope you visit her site and say hello.


More Christmas Cheer

I promised more pictures, so here are 6 today and more tomorrow. Visit the “Special Holiday Gallery” for those and the older ones I post last week.

Since its going to be very cold across much of the US this week, I thought I would share my recipe for “Little Red Eggnog” which you can find BY CLICKING THE PICTURE. Those of you who have stopped by this weekend have seen me warming my fluffy tail with a glass or two of it.


That is my more naughty site, “LittleRedBunny.XXX”. Its where you can see more of me than I can show in public here. I’m still working on it, posting revealing pictures, all my intimate thoughts and many sexy things about my life as the “Queen of the Camgirls”.

By this Summer, I hope it will be each and every one of yours favorite place to visit.

More to come.

xx, O


ADDED: December 30th

As promised, I just added 14 more Christmas pictures to the “Special Holiday Gallery”, 5 in white and 8 more special ones in red, being the Christmas angel. Check them out.

My Guest Blog for Dirty And Thirty!! Check it out!

I had such a great time writing this blog post for! Click on the article below to read the whole blog! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Thanks friends!





Full Link:


Enjoy Me with Your Very Own LittleRedBunny Cocktail

I cannot be more flattered, there is this sweet friend from the Denver area that owns a whisky bar and has been enjoying sipping a nice drink with my in my free chat room many times. He invented a cocktail he named LittleRedBunny in my honor and memory of the great nights we’ve shared!

Want to enjoy me in this cocktail while we chat in my room? Below is the making of the “LittleRedBunny Cocktail” which he described as “Complex up top with a sweet bottom. A very adult beverage”.

(If you don’t have all the exact ingredients, you know how it is, make the closest version you can haha… just know you won’t get 100% the best original flavour, but I’m sure it can still be satisfying and cheerful!)


LittleRedBunny Cocktail Recipe

Michter’s rye (1 1/2 oz)
Galliano (1/2 oz)
Cognac Ferrand 1840 (1/2 oz)
Maraschino syrup (real italian maraschino, homemade or by Luxardo)
Fee Brothers bitters
Basil leaf

Cocktail glass, chilled

1) Chill Rye, Galliano and cognac over ice, tumble.
2) Line glass with absinthe (We use the cocktail friendly Mata Hari)
3) Strain into the glass.
4) Drop Maraschino syrup into the bottom with an eye dropper
5) Dash of Fee Brothers bitters
6) Slap basil leaf to release oils and garnish

Then enjoy…

And a huge CHEERS to my dear friend who created it! Please, if you try it, give me your feedback!!


J Rand “Sexual Habit” Music Video Contest

My webcam site, LiveJasmin is having a contest. They want us to do a video to J Rand’s “Sexual Habit” and post it to Youtube. The model whose video gets the most “Likes” will win $3000.

You’ll find the video here: Sexual Habit J Rand Contest – LittleRedBunny

Please take a minute to watch it, and if you enjoy it, hit the “Like” button.

(Thanks Tarheel TrueBlue for posting it for me.)

Then be sure to stop by My Webcam Show afterwards so I can thank you.



PS: It would be awesome if you would share the link on your social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have alot of Likes to make up since Youtube took my earlier video posts down twice.


ICYMI: AVN Covers My Live Ice Bucket Challenge

I had so much fun doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with all of my friends! I’m so glad AVN covered it here: “LittleRedBunny Completes 1st Live Webcam Ice Bucket Challenge“ 

If you would like to donate:

Watch the video here: & subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Hope you enjoy the show ;) xx

Cool Off This Hot Labor Day Weekend

(click the picture to play the video)

Performing live from my NYC speakeasy-themed bedroom on August 28th, I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in true Bunny style. Besides donating my own money and doing the ice bucket, every tip and surprise I received working that night went towards ALS research.

I was offered the challenge by OneGreatDiva of and fellow Jasmin performer LadyTaniaa

I then challenged the following people to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

-Stacey Havoc -Founder of CammingCon, director/host/actress at Playboy TV

-SunnyLane Adult film star

-EJ Dickson -DailyDot Reporter

-Richard Abowitz- entertainment leader at and writer for DailyBeast

-Paul Fishbein -Co-founder of AVN, creator of the Sex Awards and Inside Adult: x3sixty

-Laszlo Czero- CEO Jasmin

-Gyorgy Gattyan- Founder and owner of Docler, AWE,


-A collective challenge to all admins/competent departments of

norad1, devil, shoeneerd, pervertos, MrJubjub, xxMOJOxx, FlipFloper, dcfwheel, lolalolo, mnith1, rac1980, paul356, juceli10, davidn, SweetKisses01, gentleman3740, joeys123 and jargok

“AND THANK YOU to everyone that came by my room that night!”


SOON TO COME!!! An uncensored version of the video. Check back next week…