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Fan Club Interview

Since is going to discontinue it, I thought I’d share it will all my fans. Enjoy…


How can someone sweep you off of your feet?

Hypnotize me with charm and knock me over with personality and kindness

What makes the other sex irresistible for you?

I love it when a man , knows when to treat me like a goddess and when to treat me like a sex object …

What do you expect from your partner?

Loving , Kindness , Understanding , communication , and for him to give me many many orgasms … tee hee … oh yeah … and he has to do his own laundry …

Are you easy to be seduced? If so, what makes you feel tempted?

No … I’m not easily seduced … try harder … harder … yea … even harder … oh yea baby like that …

Do you feel uncomfortable being stared at on the street?

YES ! it makes me very uncomfortable ! but it makes me so f@#$%n wet !!! … so keep those looks coming :P

What’s the most remarkable thing that happened to you online?

The first time I squirted … It left me with such a force !!! … poor poor little kitty … he didn’t know what hit him

Do you read erotic magazines, watch adult movies? If so, what kind?

(evil giggles … )

Do you like talking dirty while having sex? What are your favorite phrases?

Yes very much … I like talking dirty and I especially love being talked dirty to … so do your worst badboy :P

How often do you think about sex in everyday life?

That depends , how often do you want to come see me hotstuff?

What are your favorite erotic fantasies?

Playing with food… I know… even if my mom always told me to not do that! I just can’t help myself :D

Do you get turned on having sex in public? Have you ever tried it?

yup yup yup… your church or mine ?! lets do it

Do you have a need for being pleased orally by your partner?

I think if you compared oral sex and a wheel for best invention… the wheel comes in close second… wait let me weigh this out a second … wheels? oral?… wheels/oral… BINGO ! I GOT IT ! lets have oral in my car!

What do you do when you’re not online?

Guys… if i write all that here, what are we gonna talk about? lol ook ook… study. yoga, movies, food, music …

Do you have a pet?

Kitties !!! Im mad about kitties !!

What kind of music do you like? Do you have a favorite band?

Well there is no secret here… most of you knows… all old music… jazz , standards and oldies, from 20s to 60s

Do you know other models? If so, do you get on well with them?

Well… i don’t work in a studio… so it is not that easy to get to know other models… there is some that come see me to talk in my room and i really enjoy that…and some even pvt me too :) shh keep secret!

Do you often go out? What kind of places do you like going to?

Well anywhere with good music and good drinks :) In NYC, there is many places. But my best place is here with you guys, with my own music and having you all here in my pub… even more if you decide to come to my boudoir.

Recent Changes to

LittleRedBunny-chat-livejasmin-boobs-picture-jasmin-21 made some changes this year, going to a new format. Recently, they removed the “Previous Version” link that they had on their main page. That suck, lol but there is a way to access the older version.

Use this link: OLDER VERSION

The look to the top right of your screen and click the PREVIOUS VERSION link you see to return to the old LiveJasmin. From there you can log in and enjoy the various options you used to have, including “Becoming a Top Member”, “Join a Fan Club” and “The Referral Program”.

Please note these extras will be discontinued as of 12/16/1013. You should still be able to access the older version though.

That sucks…