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Last Night In Cali

We all went out on my last night in LA.

I had a martini as we waited for the table and good wine during dinner. The ambiance and lighting is absolutely great there, and the food was amazing. If you get to Los Angeles anytime soon, be sure to have a meal there. Tell them that “LittleRedBunny recommended the place.”

Make them wonder who I am. Maybe they will look me up on the Internet. If your waiter has a big grin later, I bet he did just that, LOL.

last night

You ask what I eat so I stay orange and tasty? The pumpkin ravioli of course!

I’ll be in New York soon to entertain you on Hope to see you there…


The hotel is near the beach, so I get to enjoy some quiet time walking on the sand barefoot. Last night as sun set I saw a pair of dolphins checking the surfers out. How cool!!


Wouldn’t be sexy if mermaids were real. I could relax in my tub, flicking my tail at you while we chatted at


Would you still love me if I was a fish?