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YNOT Awards Hollywood Voting

BANNER TWITTER PLAYFUL4I may be off to Prague for the 8th Annual YNOT Awards, but there will be a new YNOT Awards in Hollywood soon and I’m a finalist for MOST PLAYFUL MODEL! This particular awards is focused on camming and clips which is a new concept for them that I’m very excited about! The voting is also open to everyone, not just industry people. It’s a daily vote, so if you want to let everyone know just how playful I can be, click on the picture above, the banner on the right, or HERE to cast your vote through Sept. 30 (you do have to register or have already registered to vote). I would really appreciate it! And even though I’m already friendly, playful and do my best to entertain and please you, if you vote for me everyday I will do my best to be extra special the next time you visit me ;)

After you vote, you can check out my profile page which includes my newest interview with YNOT HERE. I talk with them about a variety of topics, including talking about all of you, so I hope you give it a look because maybe you will find out a few new things about me :) You can also click the picture below to see the interview.

It goes without saying how thankful I am to you all for your support and votes and how much you all mean to me. This journey would not be the same, or as fun and exciting if it weren’t for you all! It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing your company and building great relationships everyday over the many years! You are all so very special to me ;)

xx, O


Prague 2017 Recap, off to TES Prague 2018!

I am so happy and excited to being making my third trip to beautiful Prague for The European Summit! Although there is a lot of business going on, and its always such a great and well prepared and organized event, I always have a lot of fun there and I never get tired of exploring the streets of such an amazing city! By the way, I will be speaking on two panels this year, “Women in Dating and Adult Businesses” and “When to Hire an Outside Firm to Help your In House Team,” so if you are in the industry and will be at the TES, stop by, give a listen and say hi!

Last year in Prague I was so honored to co-host the YNOT Awards with my good friend Jay. I had a lot of fun preparing for it and doing the show. You can watch the video above to see how the evening went, before, during and after the show!

And for those who haven’t had a chance to visit Prague, below is a little video of me exploring the streets at night. It was a bit chilly out, but the city was so still and cozy with gorgeous views everywhere. It was quite a change from the hectic and crowded Old Town area. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to sharing more memories and moments from there soon!