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Bee-ing a Little Devil (Halloween 2020)

Keeping with tradition on Halloween Eve and Halloween, I dressed up for the occasion as a cute little bee and a little red devil . And while both nights led to a lot of bee puns and turn of phrases (such as me trying to bee-have) and comments about what a little devil I am (Im an angel of course), it is still a good reflection of the online speakeasy party I have in my room every night. I just happened to be dressed up in something different than usual.

So I made two videos, one for each night and different costume, to share with everyone to give a little taste of my sweet heinie, I mean sweet honey I serve on a nightly basis no matter the occasion (And to show how good (bad) I am, and how I’m being a perfect little angel (devil) each night of the month). So whether you missed the party, want to relive the party, or see what you have been missing on what goes on in my room every day, please don’t bee too buzzy and listen to that little devil on your shoulder and check out my videos, then go check me out live when I’m online. You won’t bee sorry!

Thank you again to everyone who made those two nights so much fun with the puns, song requests, tips for sips and just adding to the social atmosphere of my little bedroom speakeasy. I appreciate you all so much! My room and the fun I have in it wouldn’t bee what it is without you all!

Xx, O

P.S. Before, during or after you watch my videos, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could vote for me in two awards I’m nominated for. One is the YNOT Awards (for industry members to vote) and the other is the PornHub awards Fan Vote (where anyone can vote me daily). Please click the button below for more information and how and where to vote! THANK YOU! Enjoy the videos and thank you for your votes!

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Enjoy Me with Your Very Own LittleRedBunny Cocktail

I cannot be more flattered, there is this sweet friend from the Denver area that owns a whisky bar and has been enjoying sipping a nice drink with my in my free chat room many times. He invented a cocktail he named LittleRedBunny in my honor and memory of the great nights we’ve shared!

Want to enjoy me in this cocktail while we chat in my room? Below is the making of the “LittleRedBunny Cocktail” which he described as “Complex up top with a sweet bottom. A very adult beverage”.

(If you don’t have all the exact ingredients, you know how it is, make the closest version you can haha… just know you won’t get 100% the best original flavour, but I’m sure it can still be satisfying and cheerful!)


LittleRedBunny Cocktail Recipe

Michter’s rye (1 1/2 oz)
Galliano (1/2 oz)
Cognac Ferrand 1840 (1/2 oz)
Maraschino syrup (real italian maraschino, homemade or by Luxardo)
Fee Brothers bitters
Basil leaf

Cocktail glass, chilled

1) Chill Rye, Galliano and cognac over ice, tumble.
2) Line glass with absinthe (We use the cocktail friendly Mata Hari)
3) Strain into the glass.
4) Drop Maraschino syrup into the bottom with an eye dropper
5) Dash of Fee Brothers bitters
6) Slap basil leaf to release oils and garnish

Then enjoy…

And a huge CHEERS to my dear friend who created it! Please, if you try it, give me your feedback!!