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Wank Kickstarter

As most of you know I will be starring in and executive producing an upcoming web series entitled WANKBANK which will start shooting soon. Well there is now an official Kickstarter page where you can help to fund the project, and get some really cool stuff for your support!

You can take a look at the page and a cool video about the project (including some clips of me) right HERE ON THE WANKBANK KICKSTARTER PAGE! There were also be more videos added soon, so keep your eyes open. Also make sure you check out the packages you can receive for helping support us with a donation, anywhere from the “The Beef Strokeitoff” all the way up to “Buttering the Muffin!”

NEW Full video interview for WANKBANK 

I’m so excited for this project, and it would be so wonderful to have some of my good friends be a part of this! There is even a pledge option for you to come visit me on set during filming, attending the wrap party and have a private dinner or cocktail with me! I hope that is incentive enough to kick in some support by August 19 for a fun project!

So what are you waiting for?! Check out the WANKBANK KICKSTARTER now! :)

Red Wank 1A

LaLExpo 2016 Video (part 1) & NEW XXX STORE!

I’m so sorry but I had two more videos to show from LaLExpo last year, but I ran out of time to finish them before I leave for Colombia, so I will have to post them after I get back. For now here is the first part of my LaLExpo 2016 video showing some of the things I did at the event. Again, the microphone on my camera gave out after the first day of the trip, so I am trying to get a little creative in how I can present the videos.

I will leave July 8 and be back online July 17. So don’t forget to follow me on my Twitter and look for and use the hashtag #RedBunnyHops. I also have a special surprise for you for while I’m away so I won’t leave you empty handed. You can now go to my LittleRedBunny.XXX site and see the BRAND NEW feature of buying my videos and photo sets individually instead of getting a membership! Of course you can still become a member and get everything on the site, including all my sexy, silly, naughty and VERY naughty content. But if you are a little curious or just have one special video or a photo set you want to check out, you can now get that one individually. Or two, or three, or more! :)



Thanks again to everyone who voted me for the LaLExpo Awards, it is very much appreciated! I will miss you all while I’m gone and can’t wait to get back and spend time with you in my little bedroom. Again, be good while I’m gone so we can be bad when I get back home! ;)

xx, O

Colombia Beach Bunny

Last year when I went to Cartagena, Colombia for LaLExpo, I was lucky enough to be invited through my good friends Beatrice and Mickey to a little beach gathering hosted by a studio from Medallin. After a nearly hour-long bus ride and a long walk down the beach, we came to a nice spot where we were served some local food, and I got to frolic in the surf and relax in the sand. I even spoiled myself a little and got a massage. After the wonderfully relaxing day, we wandered back to our bus with a gorgeous sunset to look at, and a smile on our faces. It was a very nice way to start my trip and a very memorable experience.

I’m looking forward to another trip there again soon, and having new experiences, meeting new friends and old, and enjoying the lovely country and culture.

On a technical note, this was the only footage I have from Colombia that has sound to it. Unfortunately some time after this trip the microphone on my old camera went out so all the rest of the footage from Colombia on future videos will have no original sound, so I’m coming up with ways to be a little creative on the rest of the videos from there.

So keep an eye out for some more videos this week before I leave for Colombia. :)

xx, O