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Awards Voting and Nominations, plus my upcoming plans!

As some things in the world start to get a little more back to normal, it means more industry shows, summits and awards are happening. And right now I’m in the final voting for one award show, and nominations are open for another.

So you all know what I’m going to say next! Lol!

AW-YNOT AWARDS FINAL VOITE 2022 FB Banner 3 (Red Sepia)

I am currently nominated at the AW AWARDS for Premium Model of the Year and Best North American Model. This vote is open to anyone and you can support me by voting DAILY HERE until August 5th at the AW AWARDS VOTING, by clicking on the picture above or the banner to the right. After the official nominees will be announced, and the final voting will be starting, so keep your eyes on it!

YNOT Hollywood 2022 FB-Twitter Final Vote

Also, you can also nominate me in up to THREE CATEGORIES at the YNOT CAM AWARDS HOLLYWOOD. You can choose whatever categories you think best fits me, but I would recommend:

Best Friend, Most Playful Model and Funniest Model.

Anyone can nominate me by going to the YNOT CAM AWARDS SUGGEST NOMINEE page or by clicking the picture above or the banner to the right. Just fill in the information and use my YNOT ID USERNAME: LittleRedBunny

I’m also heading to Prague soon and I’m nominated at the YNOT Awards there for Live Cam/, Creator Celebrity of the Year, so touch your wood for me and my potential 24th award win!

Right after Prague I will be going directly to Romania after to stay a very busy bunny!

And even though I will be extremely busy yet again, I will try to do a better job of posting on my social media while I’m gone for those two weeks, so you can keep UP on my travels (and don’t forgot to check out my LINKTREE for easy access to me)

As always, your help and support is greatly appreciated and I can only be in the running for any award because of friends like you!

I love you all and thank you for everything you do and who you are!

Xx, O

A Bounty of Business in Bucharest!

Bucharest Summit Award and Vote 2022


I was so happy to be back in Romania for the Bucharest Summit after three years away!

I had a lot of things going on, including two workshops I hosted under my LittleRedBunny Academy, having my first Bunny’s Bonding Boudoir Happy Hour (sponsored by Babestation and SkyPrivate), and I also won my 23rd award when I was voted North American Cam Model of the Year!

Model Mastery Meeting 0D2A9152 Model Mastery Meeting 20220628_154402 Bucharest Summit Happy Hour Montage 1

And while it was a very busy time, and each night was the typical up partying, drinking and talking until the sun comes up, it all went by so fast and the next thing I knew I was heading back to my little bunny home.

Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_30_08_087Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_30_07_207Z

So first of all I want to thank everyone at Bucharest Summit for their great support and help in getting all my events, as well as everything else going on there, a great success! The whole Summit went smoothly and was very professionally done.

Second, I want to thank everyone who nominated me and voted for me as I could have never even been in contention if it weren’t for all the wonderful people who support me! Big hugs and kisses!


And finally, I want to thank all my fantastic Romanian friends and fellow industry people who make going to events like this such a memorable and fun time! I missed you all and was so great to see so many familiar faces again!

Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_30_45_700Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_31_00_972Z

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support, voting, caring, concern and friendships! You really all help make this industry feel like a family!

Love you all!

Xx, O

080E8E52-79D1-4FC8-9A95-D7708FF3869B Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_31_42_242Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_31_35_621Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_31_28_252Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_31_07_681Z