Spain, Ukraine, Award, Vacation and COVID update


So sorry I haven’t posted since my arrival day to Spain. It has been quite an overwhelming time, due to various reasons, both good and bad. I’ll try to do a little catch-up here today.

First, I need to warn all people who have been around me to please do a COVID test as I tested positive yesterday (So sorry ☹). If you are one of us who got it there, I hope you will all recover quickly.

I have been wishing to post throughout my trip to Sitges, which I was so excited to finally go back to after all this time. It was beautiful as always, with wonderful people, food and wine and seeing my dear friend Pacholo again. But since my first day of arrival I was very busy, and that increased exponentially during the entire week at TES Affiliate Conference. I’ve had the great pleasure to finally see friends I haven’t seen in a very long time and had several meetings with great people. The overall trip was a very productive one.

While all this action was going on and I had some great news to share to all of you, it got much more intense with the current situation happening in Ukraine and I felt awkward and inappropriate to post about pretty much anything personal or work-wise from that point.

A lot of people in our industry are affected by what’s going on with many unable to return home or worrying about their families stuck in this terrible situation. I’ve since been trying to find ways to help in the limited ways I can. I do have to say it’s been very touching to see how strong, compassionate and united our industry is, it is beyond a community, it is a close, caring family. Many people and companies have been doing everything possible in multiple ways to help all these people in need.

So despite all the more important issues going on, I do wish to share some brighter news, because of all the support you have given me. I won the Best Live Cam Model Brand at the Live Cam Awards, and I want to thank you for always being there for me, supporting me and my growth through all the years!  And thank you Alexandra for all the hard work you put into the LCA, and for the wonderful person you are and all you’ve been doing for our community.

Thank you also Walter and Andreas from TES for yet again being so on point with a perfectly organized event as always. You so amazingly allow us to mix work, networking and fun. Thanks for all the people who I had the chance to spend time with, and I’m looking forward to what will come next in the future together.

Besides all this, I want to thank everyone who has been going out of their way to help, assist, raise funds, donate and give generously to all those in need during this crisis. It’s an honor to know so many incredible people and be a small part of that family.

And for those who are waiting to see me online, sadly my return home will be slightly delayed because of having COVID, so I will keep you updated when I have more information. I miss you all so much and virtual COVID-free kisses and hugs to you all!

xx, O





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One thought on “Spain, Ukraine, Award, Vacation and COVID update

  1. Tom Kalmaku

    Congratulations on your win, Bunny … you deserve it the most! I hope you kick Covid’s butt and get home safe and healthy. You comments for the people affected by this recent conflict are much appreciated. My heart goes out to them also and hopefully we will have a peaceful resolution in the near future. We all love you, Bunny … see you soon!


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