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I’ll Miss You My Dear Friend!


The news of Julius Kedvessy (aka JFK, aka Fubar) passing so suddenly hit me like a brick and is leaving me with a heavy heart and filled with sadness. Not only was he a legend in our industry, he was special and dear to me. He was one of the first people to make me feel welcome and comfortable when starting to attend events in the industry. We grew closer throughout the years. Every time we would meet again for the first time at an event, we would start by sharing a huge hug. And then sharing so many great moments and laughs through all the following days.

I can’t picture not seeing him at events anymore. He was always everywhere! I can’t imagine going to a red carpet and not seeing him along side of Mari Blue, Mike Bartholomy and Buster in my sight. I can’t imagine not seeing him at every single panel, dinners, parties and sharing convos with his wine and cigars. He has shared with us such great times, and captured so much of all of us in moments we can keep as memories forever. I was so happy to give him back the favor and reverse our roles to make him pose for me this one time in Budapest when attending a LiveJasmin/Jasmin event.

His lack of presence and personality will leave such an immense empty space from now on, for so many people.

My deepest condolences to all his family.

RIP my dear Julius. I will miss you and you’ll always have a special warm place in my heart.

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