J Rand “Sexual Habit” Music Video Contest

My webcam site, LiveJasmin is having a contest. They want us to do a video to J Rand’s “Sexual Habit” and post it to Youtube. The model whose video gets the most “Likes” will win $3000.

You’ll find the video here: Sexual Habit J Rand Contest – LittleRedBunny

Please take a minute to watch it, and if you enjoy it, hit the “Like” button.

(Thanks Tarheel TrueBlue for posting it for me.)

Then be sure to stop by My Webcam Show afterwards so I can thank you.



PS: It would be awesome if you would share the link on your social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have alot of Likes to make up since Youtube took my earlier video posts down twice.

2 thoughts on “J Rand “Sexual Habit” Music Video Contest

  1. F2009

    I watched your video from beginning to end! If you don’t win, i’ll pull my hair out. Excellent, different, and sexy video.

    I do hope everyone take the time to like the video so you can win. It only take 2 seconds to like the video. I think the most likes win? Good luck and sexy video mmm.


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