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RedBunnyHops in PJs for Coffee Quest in Las Vegas!

Do you think I’m already “loony” enough in my free chat? Wait until you see me hop out of my room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas wearing only my bunny PJs on a quest to get some much needed morning coffee. It’s rare enough to have a video of me outside my bunny hole, now you can hear the “tune” of me trying to wake up and see me like never before: Fresh outta bed and not at all presentable like and even more accident prone and tongue-tied than usual!

So if you wanna see “What’s up, doc” when I walk through a crowded casino floor in a big red onsie with bunny ears and a cotton tail, I am offering a super Acme-priced special for new members on my so you can watch this exclusive video! A special Easter and Spring price of $25.99 will get you a One Month Membership (click here) to see all my videos and photos including the new silly RedBunnyHops video. I will even have some very naughty photo sets and videos coming soon, as well as other exclusive content you will find only on my xxx site.

Make sure you don’t miss that left turn at Albuquerque and make your way to to see a side of me you don’t often get to witness anywhere!

xx, O

Celebration! Thank you again for 7th award in 7 years!


Another trip to Spain and another award! This time for Best Personal Website! I just can’t believe it! I’m running out of ways to say thank you to all my amazing friends and fans who took the time to vote and help us win our seventh award in seven years! Woo hoo! I made this special video for everyone, especially those who could not celebrate with me when I came back from Spain and missed yet another LittleSillyBunny moment.

I want to give a very special thanks to those special people who first helped me start a website in the first place. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be in this digital world of the Internet. And I have to thank the wonderful people at ModelCentro who helped me create and maintain my xxx site (which I have a lot of fun and naughty content going up there very soon!) and I look forward to doing more work with them for a long time!

Additional thanks to the wonderful Alexandra who created and ran the last two years of the LiveCamAwards, she is amazing! I can only imagine the amount of work she has to put into the whole event. She should be very proud of her success! And special thanks to Jay from YNOT for being a great co-host at the awards (and who couldn’t stop complimenting my dress).

As a special treat for all of you I am offering a great deal on my site. Sign up with the promo code HopMeMore and get a 15% credit discount on your first purchase and 10 free teasers! It’s a great way to come celebrate with me however you want ;)

Thank you all again so much! You are all so amazing beyond words! Love you all so much! xx, O

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