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10,000 Ratings on Jasmin!


I’m not 100% sure, but I think we just reached a milestone last week when my LittleRedBoudoir became the first model page on Jasmin to get 10,000 ratings! I really can’t believe it! So many thanks to all my friends, fans, and everyone who stopped by my room and was sweet enough to take the time to rate me. It is so very very much appreciated! I know I say this a lot, but you are all so special to me and I would be nowhere and nothing if it weren’t for all of you amazing people! Big hug and kisses to you all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

xx, O

Free Signed Picture For Three Lucky Fans

Ok here’s a nice gift for someone.

If I get 100 people to subscribe to my LittleRedBunny Youtube Channel then I will send three of my subscribers a personally autographed photo of me.


Now wouldn’t that be something to have sitting on your desk at work, or hanging on your cubicle wall? Wouldn’t all the other people be soooo jealous and make them wonder just who that sexy redhead who signed it to YOU personally was.

Subscribe To LittleRedBunny Tube NOW

I already have 60 people signed up so the give away might not last long.

xx, O


Missed You Last Night

We had a blowout time of it, loads of fun celebrating the New Year across all the time zones. I hope you had a chance to stop by and visit.


An errant champagne cork provided a bit of excitement. Opening a bottle to celebrate, I had it aimed too high and the excited cork took out one of my lights…lol. Who knew that champagne bottles were a WMD? (Aka “Weapon of Mass Darkness”)


“Tips for Sips” was insane! Seemed like everyone wanted to share a drink with me last night.

Its almost like you all wanted to get me drunk. We can’t have that because when I get drunk I just take off my clothing…lol.


In the end I got to dance the New Year in, with my unique Little Red Style.


And as a big thank you for everyone who voted for me on the AVN Awards and helped nominate me for the LiveCam Awards, I’ve uploaded 15 new pictures of me dancing last night on New Year’s Eve into the Webcam Gallery.

You are the BEST!!!

xx, O


ADDED 1/6/15: Here’s the video from the New Year’s Eve party. Hope you enjoy.



More Christmas Cheer

I promised more pictures, so here are 6 today and more tomorrow. Visit the “Special Holiday Gallery” for those and the older ones I post last week.

Since its going to be very cold across much of the US this week, I thought I would share my recipe for “Little Red Eggnog” which you can find BY CLICKING THE PICTURE. Those of you who have stopped by this weekend have seen me warming my fluffy tail with a glass or two of it.


That is my more naughty site, “LittleRedBunny.XXX”. Its where you can see more of me than I can show in public here. I’m still working on it, posting revealing pictures, all my intimate thoughts and many sexy things about my life as the “Queen of the Camgirls”.

By this Summer, I hope it will be each and every one of yours favorite place to visit.

More to come.

xx, O


ADDED: December 30th

As promised, I just added 14 more Christmas pictures to the “Special Holiday Gallery”, 5 in white and 8 more special ones in red, being the Christmas angel. Check them out.


Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to everyone and a special Little Red Christmas to all my special friends and fans out there. Hope you will be enjoying it with your own special friends and loved ones, as will I.


I’ll be back soon until then I have posted some fun pictures of me with the holiday spirit (and a santa hat) on my Gallery page. Click HERE to take a peek in my Christmas stockings.

Be safe this weekend and when you are wanting a “private” present, just for YOU and you alone, then be sure to stop by The LittleRedRoom.

Santa hopes you won’t be disappointed…

xx, O


New Pictures Posted

I know its been a while since I shared more pictures. Sorry, what with the AVN Awards nomination and all I’ve been running around like I had 4 bunny ears and 2 fluffy tails.

I posted pictures in three of the folders tonight; Professional, Webcam and Selfies. Hope you like them.


I’ll try and post more pictures in those folders next week.

In March I will be attending the 2015 Live Cam Awards in Barcelona, Spain. I am the “Red Carpet Special Guest Star” for the convention and should have loads of pictures from my time there to share.

I hope that all my European fans can attend and we can meet face to face.

For now, here’s a few I took to celebrate Football season.


BTW the AVN Awards are coming up in January and if all goes well in the next few weeks, I will be announcing some amazing news about what I will be doing there soon. Hope to see my American fans there so I can again meet you personally. I loved meeting you too. Keep checking the website out for more info.

Keep warm and remember to VOTE for me everyday at the 2015 AVN Awards for your Favorite Camgirl.


Prohibition Sucks, LOL

Raise your glasses high everyone, it was 81 years ago this week that Utah was the final state to vote to repeal Prohibition. Funny that it was Utah, not a state you would think of being progressive.

Trying to regulate Sin, never seems to work, does it.

And what does a little red bunny drink?

Picture 1878

Crown Royal of course…nothing but the best for this rabbit.

Canadian whiskies, like Crown Royal came to prominence during Prohibition, when American distilleries were shut down and bootleggers smuggled it across the border to supply a whiskey-starved nation.

Click HERE to read a recent blog post I did talking about my favorite drink.


A Few Private Pics

With everything that is going on with my nomination for this year’s 2015 AVN Award – Favorite Camgirl, I haven’t been able to post the fun pictures many of you love. Here’s a few to say thank you for voting and visiting my site.

Who knew toilet paper could be so sexy?

And what group of selfies would be complete without “Evil Bunny Slippers”…LOL.