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My 9th Bunnyversary is Here!

9thBunnyversay Original_with logoI can’t believe it’s been almost a full decade online! It seems like I just started yesterday. This has been a really amazing journey and experience, with so many things happening I never dreamed of! The most important thing during all this time is having the pleasure to meet so many wonderful, smart, funny, caring and crazy (the good kind of crazy) people in my little online speakeasy of a room (and some in person at events). All of you unique and special people really made these last 9 years go by so fast because you all made this journey so fun, exciting and meaningful that I never noticed the time pass. I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of my life, and making my life a part of yours. You all mean so much to me that I can’t simply put it in words. And even if I could, I would probably get tongue tied and say it wrong anyway! Hahaha! So THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART (and from my bottom too)! I LOVE YOU ALL so much!

xx, O