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11th Bunnyversary is Here!

Bunnyversary 3 Small

Another year has come and gone and it’s now my 11th Bunnyversary! I have had such a great time being with all of you that it honestly doesn’t feel like 11 years. But if I think about it and compare being a webcam performer to a “normal” career, the amount of time I have spent online and invested into this offline is probably closer to 22 years

But the only reason I have dedicated so much of myself to this is because of all the positivity and joy which grew from the people who have surrounded me throughout the years. You all have contributed to who I am today in so many ways and kept things interesting while making me feel loved and appreciated. You helped turn this from just being entertainment into something very meaningful and gave me even more purpose, which allowed me to squeeze (mmm, squeeze ) 22 years of a full-time career into just 11 years. And because of this I enjoyed myself so much I totally lost all sense of time.

11th Bunnyversary 1 (FINAL)

Sure, there were ups and downs, but the point is I’m still here, still giving you the best quality, presence and dedication I can. I never took any of this for granted and always worked as many hours as I could. Even now after earning 18 awards and starting other business adventures, I am always me. Simple me. And I always will be because I cherish the time you all give me, and appreciate everyone I’ve met, whether it be models, members, industry people or anyone else. You’ve inspired me to keep hopping higher in this crazy world no matter what!

I honestly have no regrets because I have gotten back so much more from all of you than I ever expected and received as much of more as I have given you. I’ve been gifted so many friendships and unforgettable experiences which will be a part of me forever.

I’ve always embraced camming because it showed me from the start that it was more than just a little light fun (And while we all love light fun, “deeper” fun is great too :-P). But my biggest gratification was the opportunity to bring some sunshine into someone’s day and become a close friend, confidant, naughty secret and so many more things to so many people. I’ve been given so much special love and feelings just by being my true self which is a luxury I never expected. It happened by randomly meeting each other and sharing things together like a kind of wish come true.

So, I’m not done hopping yet, and I look forward to many, many more beautiful memories we build together and I hope you will always be hopping along with me on this journey.

I love you all so very much!

Xx, O

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