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15th Bunnyversary Celebration is almost here!

Another year has passed, and I am soon approaching my 15th Bunnyversary of when I first started camming online! I can’t believe how quickly time went by and it’s been this long already!

Because of plans I already made, I will be celebrating a few days earlier this year. The party will be April 5th instead of on the usual 7th. So I hope you will cum by to join in the festivities. Not only will it be a celebration of my 15 years camming, but I also want to celebrate you all, as you’ve been so wonderful and supportive of me, and your company, conversations and fun times together has made these years go by like a blink! I would never have made it this long if it weren’t for all of you!

So I hope to see you all this Friday, April 5 and share stories, songs, laughs, sips and great times. And who knows, maybe I’ll see if I can make it to a 30th Bunnyversary! Lol!

Xx, O

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Bucharest Summit Awards Nominations Now Open!

Buch 2024 Nominate Poster 1

Another new year, another new round of nominations for the Bucharest Summit Awards! I really love the Bucharest Summit because it is one of the last few events which puts a lot of focus on the camming side of business. I always have a good time there and have such wonderful interactions with fellow performers, both independent and from studios.

So with nominations now open, you can put my name in (and my academy) HERE (or by clicking the picture above or the Nomination banner to the right) for the following categories:

-          Best Premium Cam Model

-          Independent Female Model

-          North American Cam Model

-          Female Model of the Year

-          Best Experienced Cam Model (+5 years)-Independent

LittleRedBunny Academy

-          Best Training Program

As always, I appreciate all your support over the years, and I never forget I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all of you!

Hugs & Kisses,

Xx, O

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Today, March 11th, is the 65th Birthday of Adult Industry Legend Nina Hartley! It is also the 40th anniversary of her debut film Educating Nina (1984). So I wanted to do a little something special for her, as over the years when I have been lucky enough to run into her, she has always made time for me, been a very sweet, kind and caring person, and I’m happy to call her a friend. And even though we don’t get to meet in person much anymore, I’ve had the privilege to keep in touch with her personally, which means a lot to me. She really is a truly kind and respectful person and I appreciate her very much.

So here is a quick video of some of our interactions over the years as my way of saying Happy Birthday and thank you for being the wonderful person you are! You show a great dedication to actively contributing to supporting women in our industry and we are so lucky to have you! It is such a privilege and honor to get to know you, and I wish you the best always and there are many reasons you are a legend! So best wishes, and hope you celebrate many more very happy birthdays!

xx, O


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Portugal 2018 Recap 1 – Exploring Cascais

I’ll soon be off to Portugal for The European Summit and the 10th Anniversary edition of the Live Cam Awards Gala, and I have a sort of “lost” series of videos from my first trip to this lovely country. There was a lot of footage from that first trip that really hasn’t been used yet, so here is the first of a few videos from that original trip.

This video is my first day of exploring Cascais, especially down by the shoreline during a windy and wave-filled sunny day. It was an incredible experience and my heart still races watching this again and the awesome power of the wind and waves pounding the shore and break-walls of a marina. It was incredible and while I’ve posted some pictures from that day, I haven’t really shown any videos of it. So I hope you enjoy it!


Make sure to check out the next video when it is released soon, and I should have at least one or two more after I get back from Portugal.

Also don’t forget to vote me for the Live Cam Awards. You can vote me HERE or click the banner to the right or go to the post below this one!

Thanks again for all your support and enjoy the video!


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Live Cam Awards 10th Anniversary Video Recap!

Back in 2015 I did something I had never done before in my life: I traveled overseas to Europe. And the reason I did that was because I was invited to the Live Cam Awards in Sitges, Spain. The award gala was the brainchild of the wonderful, lovely and hard-working Alexandra. And I couldn’t say no! Traveling to that event changed my life, both personally and professionally.

And now the 10th Anniversary edition of her gala is coming up in February, as the event is being held in Cascais, Portugal, and I wanted to put together a recap of all my trips to the Live Cam Awards, and how much Alex and her show has meant to me.


Going through these clips brings back so many memories, thoughts and emotions.  I’m so happy, trilled and excited to be going back to Portugal again for the first time since before COVID, and can’t wait to take part in this wonderful anniversary celebration.

So I hope you enjoy this recap and celebration honoring Alex and her event, and the wonderful times and precious moments it has created for me, and so many others in the industry!

Thank you again Alexandra, I’m happy and honored to be your friend and to have been a small part of your dreams and vision for the Live Cam Awards!

And please don’t forget to VOTE ME for the Live Cam Awards by clicking the banner to the right or HERE!

LCA 2024 FINAL vote Poster 1

xx, O

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Live Cam Awards FINAL VOTING!

LCA 2024 FINAL vote Poster 1

Final Voting is now open for the LIVE CAM AWARDS and you can vote for me though February 25th! This will be a very special event as its the 10th Anniversary of the Awards Gala, and I’m really looking forward to being there to celebrate the event, especially to support the wonderful and lovely Alexandra who created and hosts the show!

So click the pic above or the banner to the right to vote me in the following categories (you must be registered to vote):

-Best Premium Cam Model

-Best Independent Model

-Live Cam Celebrity of the Year

-Social Media Star

-Best Training Program

-Best Live Cam Coach

As always, I’m so appreciative of your continued support over the years and even if I don’t win awards, it’s more important to me to know I have such wonderful people who have been there for me as friends all these years! Thank you all so much!

xx, O

Bunny Shop Open Again & Birthday week coming soon!

Edit 20231225_094130

The Bunny Shop Small Poster 1C

I’m happy to give two fun announcements! First of all, my Little Bunny Shop is back open! So if you didn’t get some of my branded merch like Playing Cards, Whisky Glasses and some very sexy Photos, now’s your chance to do a little early Christmas shopping for yourself. And if you want anything signed or a personal message, order it by December 8th so I can add a message or signature to your order. I will also have a new set of hand-made beer/coffee ceramic mugs with a new style and glaze color. You can pre-order the very limited-edition mug now and they should be fresh out of the kiln in time for the Holidays!

And I want to give a special thanks to my friend Erich, who is sponsoring my Bunny Shop again! It is so kind and sweet of him to help me out with that. It is very much appreciated!

And as some of you may know, my Bunny Birthday is fast approaching. I will be taking a little time off right before it, so if you don’t see me online, don’t worry, I will be back to celebrate my birthday week starting on December 8th with my usual champagne and cake celebration on December 9th. So I hope to see you hopping to my bedroom to join in the fun and flirty night!

I also want to thank you all again for your continued support, friendship and fond memories. You all make my nights so much fun and I’ve be so honored to get to know so many of you on a personal level and have so many wonderful conversations. It means so much to me! You are all appreciated!20231130-233907-2136417

And if you miss me while I’m away, you can always stay close to me on my Content Site, just CLICK HERE to see the naughtier side of this little bunny.

Also check out the post below about the upcoming Live Cam Awards voting, open now!

Xx, O

Tip, Talk, Tease and Torrid Time One-on-One at RedSky


I’ve expanded my warren and have a new place which is the best place for both of us for Tips and Privates! You can now find me on my very own page: REDSKY! This is the BEST way to be in touch in a much more personal manner than the others. Its a guaranteed exclusive private with a microphone and video (if you want) and you can still tip me there for songs which I’ll play in my regular public chat rooms HERE and HERE.

This system works a little different than my usual privates on the other sites, so you are welcome to contact me directly if you need some help and hints after you set up your account there.

I like to find intimate ways we have more places and options to play together, so I hope you are as excited as I am to have a place for some real one-on-one fun and interactions.

I look forward to joining you in the REDSKY! ;)

xx, O


New INSTAGRAM Account (AGAIN!) Follow me!

New Insta Pic

So for the second time my Instagram account was somehow shut down AGAIN with no valid reason why/ And this was right after it was suspended a week prior and I was told by Instagram  there was no reason it should have been suspended, and they reinstated it, only to permanently close it a week later with no chance to appeal the decision.

I hope you find me at my new account, LittleRedBunnyxox and we can get connected again on there. (You can also click on the pic above)

This is really frustrating, but it’s the world people who do adult work and content have to deal with.

Thanks again for your support, it is always very much appreciated!

xx, O

14th Bunnyversary Recap

I’ve been dancing and bouncing on my bed for 14 trips around the sun and I got to celebrate it with all of you, who are the ones keeping me having fun on my bed! So I want to thank all of you for being a part of this journey, sharing your lives, laughs and ups and downs. I’ve learned so much and made so many great friends over the years and I appreciate every one of you!

So if you weren’t able to make it to my celebration, I will spank you later! But here are a few pics of my latest Bunnyversary. I hope to see you all for the 15th party next year!

PSd 20230407-202556-5034075 PSd 20230407-210959-5060506 PSd 20230407-211006-5060581

Love you all and again, thank you so much for the wonderful times and memories you have given me!

xx, O