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AW Awards Nomination Voting

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Just when I thought voting was done for the year along comes another award nomination! This time its the AW Awards in Romania, which is basically the new capital of webcamming. It’s truly an honor to be recognized and nominated for these awards. So pretty please, please help me prove you are the best fans and cast your VOTE FOR ME in the following categories: Camgirl of the Year, Best Solo Website, and Social Media Star. Voting goes through June 1. Thanks so much for your support! Love you all!

xx, O

Miami and Romania trip soon!


The time is getting near when I will be off to CammingCon in Miami where you can meet me in person on Fan Day. You might even be able to catch a glimpse of this bunny on the beach. From Miami its straight off to the AW Awards in Romania where I am nominated in three categories: Camgirl of the Year, Social Media Star and Best Solo Website. You can still vote for me through June 5 here. Not only will I be hosting interviews at the AW Summit, I will also be speaking at a seminar about creating an irresistible cam personality. Will you be able to resist coming to see me there too?


And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at LittleRedBunnyx. Please use and look for the hashtag #RedBunnyHops while I’m hopping around on my trip. Don’t be shy to tweet me! Would love to hear from you all! I’m getting so excited! I can’t wait!!

xx, O


Pool Party Video

It’s finally here! My pool party was a big “Thank You!” to all my friends and fans for helping me win the Best Female Live Cam Model at the LCA’s in Spain. I couldn’t have done it without you all! For those of you who may have missed it, or those who want to relive seeing me get wet live on cam, this video is for you! Kisses! xx, O

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Remember April 7th is the big “Bunniversary”, 6 years on Jasmin and Bunny has (she hopes) something special to help celebrate it. Mark it on your calendar and be sure to stop by that night.

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Jasmin and I at the LiveCamAwards

LCAs 1118

The LiveCamAwards was truly a memorable experience. From meeting fellow models to spending time with the staff from Jasmin, it was a wonderful time. I was especially honored to see a large banner with my picture as I walked into banquet hall, and even more honored and surprised to receive a special recognition award from Laszlo and Jasmin. I will never forget this amazing night and the great people I had the pleasure to meet.

LittleRedBunny in Spain

Sitges Street 0942_2

The best things in life are often the simplest, and I loved being able to go to the sea, take a simple walk, drink fresh-made sangria, and eat great food. Even though my time in Spain was short and very busy, I hope this gives you all a little taste of my experiences there.

Food and Scenery in Spain

Sitges 0900

Wonderful views and fresh sea air made the food, drink, and experiences all that much better. Sitges was such a lovely town full of great sites, smells and tastes. The only thing missing was you! What would you eat if you were there with me? ;)

Meets and Greets at the LiveCam Awards

Mila 21 Alex

One of the best parts of going to the LCAs was being able to meet so many amazing people. From fellow cam models, local residents, media, and people who work behind the scenes of the camming industry, it was an honor and pleasure getting to know so many wonderful individuals on a personal level. I look forward to hopefully meeting them all again! Hugs and kisses!