Monthly Archives: February 2014

New On Jasmin – Daily Awards

Hugs and kisses all my friends, I wanted to announce a new feature on Jasmin, that you can help me out with. Jasmin is now awarding all of us daily awards when our friends vote for us. The more votes the better the daily award.


You will see a new icon on the left, like a small trophy cup. (Scroll your mouse to that area to make the icons appear.) Just click on it to vote for me and award me 100 points in the contest.

And for my very special friends, who enjoy a private show, please remember that you can vote again and award me double, 200 points, right after a 5 minute or longer private.

Please stop by every day and vote.

Help Me Celebrate

Stop by this weekend at Jasmin and help me celebrate…


Has it really been 5 years! I really don’t see how time go by so fast when I’m having so much fun, thanks for all of you that I met and kept this awesome company all these years, I enjoy you so much and hope you all did as much as I did… Lets have even more fun as time go by!

Now, does anyone want to blow out the candles for me?