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Celebration! Thank you again for 7th award in 7 years!


Another trip to Spain and another award! This time for Best Personal Website! I just can’t believe it! I’m running out of ways to say thank you to all my amazing friends and fans who took the time to vote and help us win our seventh award in seven years! Woo hoo! I made this special video for everyone, especially those who could not celebrate with me when I came back from Spain and missed yet another LittleSillyBunny moment.

I want to give a very special thanks to those special people who first helped me start a website in the first place. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be in this digital world of the Internet. And I have to thank the wonderful people at ModelCentro who helped me create and maintain my xxx site (which I have a lot of fun and naughty content going up there very soon!) and I look forward to doing more work with them for a long time!

Additional thanks to the wonderful Alexandra who created and ran the last two years of the LiveCamAwards, she is amazing! I can only imagine the amount of work she has to put into the whole event. She should be very proud of her success! And special thanks to Jay from YNOT for being a great co-host at the awards (and who couldn’t stop complimenting my dress).

As a special treat for all of you I am offering a great deal on my site. Sign up with the promo code HopMeMore and get a 15% credit discount on your first purchase and 10 free teasers! It’s a great way to come celebrate with me however you want ;)

Thank you all again so much! You are all so amazing beyond words! Love you all so much! xx, O

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You Are All The Best In The World


I love you all! You did it and I won the 2015 Live Cam Award for “Best Female Web Cam Model”. You are the best friends a Little Red Bunny could have and I can not thank you enough. More pictures to come when I get back.

I’m dipping my toes in the Med right now, its sooooooo warm and nice. It tickles, LOL. I’ll be back soon.

Remember….”Pool Show” soon, be there. You don’t want to miss this one, promise.

xx, O

Live Cam Awards Announces The Nominees

(click here to vote)

And I’m up for two awards!!!

Best Female Live Cam Girl
Best Live Cam Model Personal Site

If you have been following my website at all, you know I will be the “Red Carpet Guest Star” at the inaugural “Live Cam Awards” being held March 8th, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, in conjunction with the 2015 European Summit, the leading B2B conference for on-line entertainment. I’m so looking forward to the chance to meet new people in the business of web camming and adult entertainment as well as my many European fans.

Now of course, like many conventions, they are going to have awards for the leading adult industry players. Recently they had open nominations for the various categories, including Best Female Live Cam Girl and Best Live Cam Model Personal Site. This week they announced the nominees and YOU are amazing. I’m up for both awards, in no small part because I have the best and most fantastic group of friends a humble Cam Model can have.

Now and until March 5th you can vote. And its just a one time thing, so please take a few minutes and vote for me please.



New Wallpaper – Something To Start The New Year Off Right

Here is something to start your New Year off right, a new wall paper all in black.


Click Here For New Wallpaper

If you haven’t yet, please visit this page, Help Nominate Me for the 2015 Live Cam Awards.

And there’s only three more weeks of voting, so please be sure to VOTE for Me everyday at the AVN Awards page.

xx, O


Missed You Last Night

We had a blowout time of it, loads of fun celebrating the New Year across all the time zones. I hope you had a chance to stop by and visit.


An errant champagne cork provided a bit of excitement. Opening a bottle to celebrate, I had it aimed too high and the excited cork took out one of my lights…lol. Who knew that champagne bottles were a WMD? (Aka “Weapon of Mass Darkness”)


“Tips for Sips” was insane! Seemed like everyone wanted to share a drink with me last night.

Its almost like you all wanted to get me drunk. We can’t have that because when I get drunk I just take off my clothing…lol.


In the end I got to dance the New Year in, with my unique Little Red Style.


And as a big thank you for everyone who voted for me on the AVN Awards and helped nominate me for the LiveCam Awards, I’ve uploaded 15 new pictures of me dancing last night on New Year’s Eve into the Webcam Gallery.

You are the BEST!!!

xx, O


ADDED 1/6/15: Here’s the video from the New Year’s Eve party. Hope you enjoy.


This Week’s Wallpaper – An After Holiday Treat

You didn’t over do it at your holiday dinner this year, did you? Hope you have room for one more holiday treat, a warm red cinnamon sweet as a white wallpaper this week.


Click Here For New Wallpaper

If you haven’t yet, please Help Nominate Me for the 2015 Live Cam Awards by visiting my page and registering.

And its just four more weeks of voting, so please be sure to VOTE for Me everyday at the AVN Awards page.

xx, O

This Week’s Wallpaper – More Red Satin Sheets

Everyone seemed to love last week’s photos of me laying on the red satin sheets, that I posted in the “Professional” gallery, here is one more to enjoy. Remember be sure to VOTE for Me everyday at the AVN Awards page.


Click Here For New Wallpaper

And if you haven’t yet, please Help Nominate Me for the 2015 Live Cam Awards by visiting my page and registering.

xx, O


Please Help Nominate Me – 2015 Live Cam Awards

As you just read in the press release put out on Tuesday by my team, nominations for the 2015 Live Cam Awards are now open and I need YOUR help please.

(Yes, lol, I now have a “Team”. Go Team Bunny, Go!)

To help all my special friends and fans, I’ve added a new tab in the two menu rows at the top of the page, “Vote For Me – 2015 Live Cam Awards”.

Unlike the 2015 AVN Awards, where you can just click and Vote For Me, the 2015 Live Cam Awards are a bit more complicated. To help you see how to do it, I have done a short tutorial and posted it here on the site. Let me know if you have any questions as you do, and I’ll update the tutorial if I need to.

How To Nominate Bunny For The 2015 Live Cam Awards

Ok now go off and nominate me please. Thanks everyone, you are the greatests. Hugs and kisses all.

Remember, new wall paper this weekend and more new pictures, promise.

xx, O


“LittleRedBunny Named Red Carpet Guest Star
at 2015 Live Cam Awards”

Web Sensation to Attend Inaugural Awards for Live Cam Industry,
March 8 in Barcelona, Spain!

NEW YORK (December 16, 2014) — Award-winning web cam sensation LittleRedBunny has been named Red Carpet Guest Star at the inaugural Live Cam Awards. The event will be held on March 8 at the legendary Spanish mansion, Finca Mas Solers in Barcelona, Spain.

“I’m very excited to participate in the inaugural Live Cam Awards, which honors so many of the great people in the web cam world,” said LittleRedBunny. “I know I’m going to have a great time seeing a lot of my friends from the industry and most of all, my great fans in Europe! I am really looking forward to visiting España!”

Pre-nominations are still underway for the awards. LittleRedBunny is eligible to be nominated for Best Live Cam Female Model, an award similar to those she received in 2013 at the Sex Awards and 2014 at the AVN Awards. She is also eligible for Best Live Cam Model Personal Site.

To submit LittleRedBunny during the pre-nomination process, click HERE.

“LittleRedBunny has a great passion for what she does and truly enjoys people, so it’s not surprising she has such a great following. We are indeed pleased to have her join us,” said Alex, business development executive for the Live Cam Awards.

The ceremony will be held at the 19th Century Catalan Renaissance-style mansion dubbed Finca Mas Solers, which had housed old Gran Casino de Barcelona. The event is sponsored by, XModels, Camplace, Affil4you, CamContacts, and many others.

LittleRedBunny is a multiple-award-winning web cam performer who stands out due to her vintage 40s-50s look and enthusiastic sex appeal. Last January the popular model earned the AVN Award for Favorite Web Cam Girl. Today, the striking redhead is again nominated for Favorite Web Cam Girl – a category voted on by fans – as well as Best Solo Web Site for her online home, a category voted on by the AVN staff.

To support LittleRedBunny for Favorite Web Cam Girl, visit VOTE FOR BUNNY NOW . Fans can vote once per day from every IP they have.

Earlier this year, The Daily Beast declared LittleRedBunny the “Queen of Cam Girls.” Richard Abowitz wrote, “Who is LittleRedBunny? That’s what the adult industry is asking after a red-haired girl with a French accent became the hottest cam girl on the Internet!”

LittleRedBunny is online at her website

About LittleRedBunny:
The recipient of the inaugural 2014 AVN Award for Favorite Web Cam Girl and the 2013 Sex Award for Best Web Cam Girl, LittleRedBunny has become the face of webcam performers, leading Newsweek’s to declare her “the Queen of Cam Girls.”

LittleRedBunny blends her unique style of sexiness with an innate edginess, while recalling legendary pinup girls. LittleRedBunny got her start while attending college when she stumbled upon a webcam site and realized she too could go online and indulge her erotic side before a willing audience. She became an instant hit. Camming from her own bedroom, which resembles a Prohibition era speakeasy with dark lighting, antique furniture, and stark surroundings, LittleRedBunny maintains her eclectic style with mood music and a personal style enmeshed in the sexy, vintage look of the 1940s and 50s. LittleRedBunny has made a full-time career out of camming, passionately interacting with her loyal fans on a nightly basis.

Her popularity continues to grow with personal appearances, press interviews, and a vibrant social media and online presence allowing fans to see even more of the petite sex kitten.

Find LittleRedBunny at Twitter, Facebook, and every night on in her room entertaining: The LittleRedRoom.

About Live Cam Awards:
As cam models are becoming more and more popular, live cam sites compete fiercely to bring the best services to their customers and their models. Webcam affiliate programs are challenging each other to offer webmasters better tools and higher revenues in order to keep their business growing. Payment processors are striving to offer new, fast, and reliable ways to pay and be paid. The number of gatherings and events grows substantially within the last couple of years.

As a response to the need of improving business relations between individuals and live cam companies, as well as a need for recognition of those outstanding individuals and companies in the Cam Industry, Live Cam Awards were conceived and created. Without all the amazing and hardworking people comprising the Live Cam Industry, the growth would have never been possible – Live Cams were and still are the biggest innovation in the Internet’s history, therefore appreciation must be shown for the pioneers and innovators who work in the industry.

As the very first award show dedicated exclusively to the live camming industry, Live Cam Awards honors performers and principals with the praise they truly deserve. Live Cam Awards aims to finally render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

For more information, visit LiveCam Awards.