Please Help Nominate Me – 2015 Live Cam Awards

As you just read in the press release put out on Tuesday by my team, nominations for the 2015 Live Cam Awards are now open and I need YOUR help please.

(Yes, lol, I now have a “Team”. Go Team Bunny, Go!)

To help all my special friends and fans, I’ve added a new tab in the two menu rows at the top of the page, “Vote For Me – 2015 Live Cam Awards”.

Unlike the 2015 AVN Awards, where you can just click and Vote For Me, the 2015 Live Cam Awards are a bit more complicated. To help you see how to do it, I have done a short tutorial and posted it here on the site. Let me know if you have any questions as you do, and I’ll update the tutorial if I need to.

How To Nominate Bunny For The 2015 Live Cam Awards

Ok now go off and nominate me please. Thanks everyone, you are the greatests. Hugs and kisses all.

Remember, new wall paper this weekend and more new pictures, promise.

xx, O

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