Missed You Last Night

We had a blowout time of it, loads of fun celebrating the New Year across all the time zones. I hope you had a chance to stop by and visit.


An errant champagne cork provided a bit of excitement. Opening a bottle to celebrate, I had it aimed too high and the excited cork took out one of my lights…lol. Who knew that champagne bottles were a WMD? (Aka “Weapon of Mass Darkness”)


“Tips for Sips” was insane! Seemed like everyone wanted to share a drink with me last night.

Its almost like you all wanted to get me drunk. We can’t have that because when I get drunk I just take off my clothing…lol.


In the end I got to dance the New Year in, with my unique Little Red Style.


And as a big thank you for everyone who voted for me on the AVN Awards and helped nominate me for the LiveCam Awards, I’ve uploaded 15 new pictures of me dancing last night on New Year’s Eve into the Webcam Gallery.

You are the BEST!!!

xx, O


ADDED 1/6/15: Here’s the video from the New Year’s Eve party. Hope you enjoy.


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