UPDATE 9th March 2015: We Won!!!


And I do mean “We” for without such wonderful friends like all of YOU, I could never have won the 2015 Live Cam Awards “Best Female Web Cam Model”. You are the Best in the World and I can not thank you enough.

xx, O



If you have been following my website at all, you know I will be the “Red Carpet Guest Star” at the inaugural “Live Cam Awards” being held March 8th, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, in conjunction with the 2015 European Summit, the leading B2B conference for on-line entertainment. I’m so looking forward to the chance to meet new people in the business of web camming and adult entertainment as well as my many European fans.

Now of course, like any convention, they are going to have awards for the leading adult industry players. Recently they had open nominations for the various categories, including Best Female Live Cam Girl and Best Live Cam Model Personal Site. This week they announced the nominees and YOU are amazing. I’m up for both awards, in no small part because I have the best and most fantastic group of friends a humble Cam Model can have.

Now and until March 5th you can vote.

So I need your help now everyone…

Unlike the 2015 AVN Awards, where you can vote each and everyday (and you are VOTING FOR ME, aren’t YOU?), the 2015 Live Cam Award has a one person/email per vote rule.

This can seem a bit complicated, especially since you have to register with the Live Cam Awards’ site to vote.

Now I know that this can seem like a lot to ask of you BUT I hope you will take the time and, VOTE for me. I know I’m going to have an amazing time at the Live Cam Award, especially meeting all my European fans, BUT how much better it will be if I can also win an Award too.

Would YOU help this little red cam girl WIN?

She would be sooooo appreciative too, lol.

xx, O


A LittleRed PS: Here is a special little red incentive to voting. If I win this year’s 2015 Live Cam Award then I’ve promised my webmaster that I will do a “bed pool” show. He hasn’t gotten to see one yet.

Have YOU?


I only do these once in a rare time BUT I will do one LIVE in my Jasmin room, if I get nominated and WIN. And you really want to see one of these gentlemen (and ladies) if you haven’t seen one before.


How To Vote for ME For The Live Cam Awards

Ok to vote for me first go HERE: LCAsignin

If you have already register while nominating me, then use that id. Skip the next bit and go right to voting.

If you haven’t registered with the LiveCam Awards yet, click the register button.

You will then see this:


If you haven’t registered, you will need to pick a user name and then enter the email address you want to register. Pick a password too.

Live Cam Awards will send you an email confirmation. Be sure to click it then.

If registering for the first time, go visit the email address you are using at the moment.


Click the link.


At this point log in using the email address and password you supplied. This will bring you to the voting page.

Now there are two places to VOTE that are VERY important.


Please vote me for “2015 Best Female Live Cam Model” and “2015 Cam Model Personal Site”, vote “LittleRedBunny.com”.

Select them then click the red “Vote” bar at the bottom of the page.

THAT’S IT….unless you want to help me further, lol.


Now no little red bunny is an island, and even very, very sexy ME, I don’t exist without my friends, both those of you who visit me each night AND those that help my in the adult entertainment industry.

You know something like winning an award voted by fans and fellow professionals, won’t get you lots of money or fame, but you know its kind of nice when you do win one.


So please take a few minutes and vote these people too.

FOR – Jasmin.com for “Best Overall Cam Site”. What can I say, I love Jasmin. They are also up for “Live Cam Company of the Year”.

Two more that you will have to take on faith…lol.

FOR – “Best Live Cam Affiliate Program – AWE Empire”.

FOR – “Best Cam Live Online Community – ShaddyShow.com. They are a great place for new and even more experienced cam models to network and learn.

Ok, huggles and kisses everyone. Go forth and vote!

xx, O

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  1. shyandsly1

    most charming lady on the web. beautiful ,smart and funny. this woman deserves everything she strives for in life.

    truly yours


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