Live Cam Awards 10th Anniversary Video Recap!

Back in 2015 I did something I had never done before in my life: I traveled overseas to Europe. And the reason I did that was because I was invited to the Live Cam Awards in Sitges, Spain. The award gala was the brainchild of the wonderful, lovely and hard-working Alexandra. And I couldn’t say no! Traveling to that event changed my life, both personally and professionally.

And now the 10th Anniversary edition of her gala is coming up in February, as the event is being held in Cascais, Portugal, and I wanted to put together a recap of all my trips to the Live Cam Awards, and how much Alex and her show has meant to me.


Going through these clips brings back so many memories, thoughts and emotions.  I’m so happy, trilled and excited to be going back to Portugal again for the first time since before COVID, and can’t wait to take part in this wonderful anniversary celebration.

So I hope you enjoy this recap and celebration honoring Alex and her event, and the wonderful times and precious moments it has created for me, and so many others in the industry!

Thank you again Alexandra, I’m happy and honored to be your friend and to have been a small part of your dreams and vision for the Live Cam Awards!

And please don’t forget to VOTE ME for the Live Cam Awards by clicking the banner to the right or HERE!

LCA 2024 FINAL vote Poster 1

xx, O

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