LittleRedBunny Spotlight Awards

For the second year I presented my LittleRedBunny Spotlight Awards at the AW Exec Awards to some very deserving models.

The award recognizes models who may not be the most popular, or the biggest earners but have a strong work ethic, are dedicated, inspiring to others and lead by example. It is for models who may not be acknowledged for their income, but their value as a person and contribution to the industry.

This year I gave three awards to some very deserving models.


0D2A6261 (EDIT)












Streaming mostly on Bongacam from the Ukraine, GirlPlayBoys has been a cam model for five years, the last three with First Lady Studio. She made her brand herself, has a high work ethic and makes herself available even when offline if she gets messages. She constantly pushed her potential and was not afraid to experiment and became a top model in her studio and on her site. She helped beyond being a cam model by increasing the success and income of the studio from behind the cam as well. She is confident and approaches camming as a career, always thinking of the future with a businesswoman mentality.



0D2A6278 (EDIT)












From Romania and camming for more than eight years at Glamour Studio (winner of Best European Studio at AW 2018), JuicyAlicee sees camming as a way of life in which she grew greatly through the years. Despite being a camming veteran, you will always see her smiling and having fun with her visitors and is regularly on the top pages of LiveJasmin. Constantly working a very generous amount of hours online, her strong dedication allowed her to make her dreams come true while also being an inspiration for her peers.



0D2A6267 (EDIT)

Being a full-time cam model on LiveJasmin for two years, Noelle is a very curious girl, willing to invest her time and energy to learn and grow her knowledge while offline. Always open-minded, she explores and experiments to constantly evolve her camming potential and pushes herself to step out of her comfort zone. She cares strongly about her members and they know it very well and love her deeply for it. The people surrounding her at Flirt Studio in Russia love working with her and she is a strong addition to the studio and has become one of their top models.


It’s always very exciting and rewarding to see the smiles lighting the faces of the models who I’ve given these awards to. Especially after presenting each of them individually with the reasons as to why they are valued and deserving of the recognition. The award is a complete surprise and it makes me happy to see them having this chance to get in the spotlight on stage, being seen by all the executives attending the event and giving the models an opportunity to share a few words in front of everyone. For most of them, if not all, it is the very first time stepping on a stage, and this exposure has the potential to increase their chances to get to do it again in the future for other upcoming awards and events.

Overall, I really care about this award as it is a peer to peer recognition of the little things that may not always get acknowledged in other awards. It’s also a way to spotlight those hard-working models who may not be looking for the fame and glory, but just want to work hard and accomplish their own personal goals in their own unique way and style.

If you know of any models who fit the criteria of my Spotlight awards, please don’t hesitate to recommend and sponsor one to get the credit they deserve.


2018 Winners of the Spotlight Award



Nadinex 1










Many cam models give up as they slowly get older, but that is not something which stopped NadineXX, who is now 35 years old and still thriving online. An independent model from Romania working on LiveJasmin for six years, many visitors love her for the fact she is always happy, kind and caring to all of them while being engaging in her online room. Strongly dedicated, she consistently works long hours as she artfully manages her personal and professional life online while taking care of her 13-year-old son. This requires a dedicated work ethic and mental strength, which are the characteristics of a strong woman.



AmyS 1








Amy was already a strong businesswoman with a successful career prior to diving into the cam industry. Bringing a professional approach to all she does, she wears multiple hats as an independent cam model. She also surpassed several personal obstacles with strength and dignity and used those as a motivation to break into camming and succeed brilliantly.  For the last three years Amy has gained a wide audience of fans on Chaturbate, but even more so this last year once she decided to invest herself full-time in the medium. Being over 30 years old, she brings wisdom, maturity and experience and is a smart woman  with taste, wit and a knack for having fun and truly loving her decision to dedicate herself to camming. I would like to highlight that after receiving my Spotlight Award, Amy proudly won three 2019 Cammy Awards for Princess of the Year, Cutest Cam Girl and Miss March.



Adrenalynn 1








A massive superhero and comic fan who you will most often see with her tongue out, AdrennaLyne is a one-of-a-kind girl with a very big and unique personality. She has strong integrity and uses her uniqueness to distinguish herself from other models, which has made her successes without ever trying to “fit in.” She is someone who can make all the clouds go away with her smile. She has been working online for more than five years on Jasmin from Night Prowl Studio in Romania where she has established her own brand. She has been described as a ray of sunshine who is always friendly, a motivator for her peers and always willing to help and support others when in need.

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