My last trip to Spain? :(

I am so happy to go but equally sad because my next trip to Spain for The European Summit and Live Cam Awards may be my last. It looks like next year the Summit will be held in Portugal instead of Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. I’m excited to go to a new place next year, but Sitges has been my favorite place to visit. It’s such a lovely town, the people are so nice and the food! The food is so good and so fresh there!

To share a little bit of how much I love going to Sitges, I put together a short video highlighting my trip from last year. I hope to make it back there again for whatever reason, but for now I will have to make the most of this trip while I’m there. I will also be busy helping with the official launch of DivaTraffic and will be on two seminars and a model round table at the TES.

I hope you enjoy this little video while I’m gone from March 1-10 (but should be back online the night of the 10th), and don’t forget to vote me for Best Female Live Cam Model, Best Live Cam Model Personal Site and Cam Celebrity of the Year HERE.

A Couple of AEE/AVN Video Interviews

My first day at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas was quite busy with the media this year. Luckily this was before I started getting really sick so I was able to get through them without too many problems! At least I hope I did. Lol

This first interview was actually my second time with Chad Cooper from 88MilesWest, who is just a wonderful, fun and super sweet guy! It’s always a pleasure to talk with him. 

88 MilesWest Interview 2-4-17

This one is with Jiggy Jaguar in a hallway at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Jiggy Jaguar Interview (2) 2-5-17

I will try to post other interviews I did as they come out.

xx, O

VOTE ME for the LiveCamAwards!


It’s that time yet again for the first awards specifically for the Cam Model Industry! The 3rd Annual LiveCamAwards is coming and I’m nominated in THREE categories: Best Female Live Cam Model, Best Live Cam Model Personal Site and Cam Celebrity of the Year. You can register and vote HERE. It’s quick, it’s easy and you only have to do it once. But you can cum to my room and do me as many times as you can ;) 

I can never say this enough how much you all mean to me and I do mean it when I say I would never even be nominated for anything if it weren’t for all of my amazing and wonderful friends! You truly are the best and you are all ALWAYS so appreciated! I love you all!

xx, O

En-LIGHT-ened Bunny

Here is a silly little video in which you are allowed to make fun of me! See if you can notice how many times in just one night I have some little habits which might make you question if I am slightly OCD. Haha! Honestly, I am not though! But yeah, you’ll see! I hope it will make you smile and maybe laugh a little. Even if it’s at my expense.

xx, O

AVN Voting/LCA Nominations has begun, I NEED YOUR HELP!



Another year has passed and once again I am so lucky to be nominated for an AVN Award! As always this honor is because of you all and only you can help me with your votes!

It’s easy to register to vote. Just go HERE, scroll down and click on my picture, you will get a popup window asking you to login or register. The first time just enter your name, email and a password (don’t worry, you won’t get any spam). Then go back and click or spank on my little butt and voila! That’s it. Just make sure to lick, I mean click on my pic and vote EVERYDAY through Jan. 20.


For this you only have to do it once.  Just go HERE, register and then fill in my name for Best Female Live Cam Model, Best Live Cam Personal Site and Cam Celebrity of the Year. Once the Nomination period ends (I don’t have the exact date yet but will let you know here and on social media) voting will begin for any categories I am eligible for.

I’m so happy to be nominated once more for AVN and have an opportunity for the LCA’s again too, but I’m even more happy to have amazing friends like you in my life! So please keep voting for me EVERYDAY and I’ll make sure I show you my appreciation when we get our special time alone! ;)

xx, O


Prague Teaser Video

Another trip and another amazing experience! This time it was Prague, Czech Republic for The European Summit and YNOT Awards. The city was beautiful, the people were friendly and there was lots of great beer, absinthe and gorgeous architecture.

I had such a great time meeting old friends and making new ones. There are so many wonderful people in this industry and it really was a productive and educating experience on this trip!

So here is a short video highlighting my time in Prague. Unfortunately the microphone on my good camera stopped working so I have no audio on most everything I recorded there, so that limits what I can show and share with you for a video. I have been trying to narrate more on my trips to make more personal and informative videos, but I can’t really do that now because of technical difficulties :( I will try to do a longer version if I can make it work with the video footage I have.

However there will be a photo album coming soon! So keep an eye out for that.

Thanks again for all your support and I’m so happy to be back home with you all so we can continue to be naughty together :)

xx, O


Oktoberfest, YNot Awards and new XXX Video!

It’s that time again when I’m hopping off on another adventure to a new land! This time it’s Prague and the YNOT Awards and The European Summit! And since I will be so close to Germany and Oktoberfest is starting, I’ve been saving a special video for this time of year! Back when I was in Las Vegas I made a stop at a German Beer Hall. Needless to say I had a good time, with good music and great beer (which, if you know me, doesn’t stay in me very long)!


So as a little going away present, I present you with this fun little travelogue of my first time in a German Beer Hall and my attempt to video narrate my way through the evening, which had some unintentionally comedic results.

I also have a special treat for the members of my LittleRedBunny.XXX site. Part 3 of my Anal Toys video series is up and ready for your pleasure. If you aren’t a member of my XXX site, spank yourself and join to see all the fun and naughty surprises I have waiting for you there ;)


I am so excited for this trip, but as always I will miss you all so very much and can’t wait to get back and share stories and be naughty with you again! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @littleredbunnyx and use or look for #littleredbunnyhops to stay in touch with me and see what I’m up to while in the Czech Republic!

xx, O

History of Sexual Communication Videos

For those of you who didn’t watch the whole AW Awards, or didn’t go through to see the videos Douglas and I made in New York specifically for the show, here they are!

So here is a little background about the videos. Once Douglas and I knew we were going to host the 2016 AW Awards we wanted to put our own unique spin and style into the show. Our original idea was going to be him and I going shopping for the show in Manhattan. Douglas would be super excited to shop (the stereotypical girl roll) and I, who honestly hates shopping, would play the guy’s roll of sitting around being bored waiting for him to finish his shopping. Unfortunately, most stores wouldn’t let us film inside so we had to scrap that idea. That is when I came up with doing an old-time serial-type educational videos about the history of sex, or more specifically sexual communication. We weren’t really prepared to change course for these videos, but we did the best we could with the time we had. Hope you enjoy it!

xx, O

Romania Travel Teaser Video

It seems like I just got back from Romania and now I’m off to Colombia again! Where does the time go? I did and saw so much in Romania and have lots of pictures and videos to share with you, but there is just so much I don’t know where to begin! So until I get back from Colombia and finish going through everything, here is a fun little video giving a quick (but not complete) overview of what I did while in Romania for the AW Summit and hosting the AW Awards plus a little sight-seeing. Hope you enjoy it!

I also have the first of a new series of fully nude, very erotic, very naughty videos on my XXX site. I show you many of my different toys and demonstrate how each one goes in my naughtiest of bunny holes. If you are already a member of my XXX site check it out. If you aren’t a member yet, shame on you! ;) More in this series of videos will be cumming soon! Sign up and see for yourself just how ASStonishing this new series of videos are! Click on the pic below to go to my site

AT Vid 1-230030-1801615

AW Awards Full Video

Grab some popcorn and snacks because in case you missed it live, here is the full version of the 2016 AW Awards including the Red Carpet, interviews and the whole show, start to finish. If you are in a region or country where you can’t watch it on YouTube, try watching it HERE.

Here are a few time codes and points of interest if you don’t want to watch the whole four hours plus of the video and just want to go to specific parts:

39:10 – Douglas and I arrive via limo on the Red Carpet

45:04 – Douglas and I are interviewed by the awesome NikkiNight (who is co-hosting next year’s AW Awards)

1:45:50 – Awards show starts with first of three videos Douglas and I made together in New York

1:53:00 – Opening choreographed number

1:56:25 – Douglas and I do the opening monologue

2:23:40 – Having a seat and drinking champagne with our feet

2:57:20 – Second video

3:19:07 – Initiating next year’s AW Awards co-hosts, with some spankings!

3:34:35 – Third video

3:45:41 – Mugur from Studio 20 accepts an award and says something very very sweet and flattering that I did not expect. :)

3:58:48 – Closing the show

I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed hosting it. I will never forget this great honor and experience of being a part of this amazing show. I want to give a very special THANK YOU to Alex and Ana and their fantastic and hard-working staff, crew, dancers and everyone who was involved in putting the awards show together! You are all the best!

Kisses and hugs!

xx, O