Big Things At Bucharest Summit!

BS Models Round Table 1c

Because of COVID it’s been THREE YEARS since I’ve been to Romania for an event! And while not everything is fully back to normal and there is some major drama going on not too far from the Romania border, I’m doing my best to help make things a little more like it used to be by getting back to helping the industry I love as best I can. So from June 27 to June 30 I will be in Bucharest for the Bucharest Summit with a lot going on!

To start, my LittleRedBunny Academy is co-sponsoring a Models Lounge throughout the event with Pineapple Support. It will be an area where performers can go to relax, hang out and hold some special events and meetings dealing with model-related topics, workshops and seminars. There will also be a wine and juice bar available inside.


First thing on the agenda will be Tuesday June 28 when I will be hosting a “Model Mastery Meeting” Round Table event from 15:30 – 16:00 for performers to discuss and share questions, concerns, tips and tricks to improve earnings, well-being and happiness. Bring your questions and stories to share. Studio trainers are welcome too!

Second, later the same evening will be the first “Bunny’s Bonding Boudoir” Happy Hour from 18:00 – 20:00. This exclusive two-hour event is designed to bring together models and studio trainers and staff in a cozy, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The goal of this event is to bring down the barriers that can typically exist in the industry and allow the exchange of ideas and to share experiences and common interests to help bond each other and create a closer group of like-minded individuals. Not only will this be a laid-back and chill event, there will be free cocktails and beverages sponsored by Babestation and Sky Private, great music and wonderful company in a great atmosphere!

Don’t miss out on the chillest new event at the Bucharest Summit! Spaces are very limited to this exclusive occasion so reserve your spot today before it fills up HERE! (or click the picture below)

BS Bunnys Bonding Boudoir 1F

On Wednesday June 29 from 16:00 – 16:30 my good friend Jakub Stefano and I will have a “Dialogues of Camming” Models Workshop to have a casual conversation and give insights on how we became successful, how to grow brands, being financially smart, content vs. live streaming, being a male in the industry, adapting to changes and trends, and much more! Don’t miss this great discussion and insight from two industry veterans. Attendees are welcome to take part in the conversation, ask questions or add their experiences.

BS Dialogues w Stefano 2

And finally on June 30 the Bucharest Awards Gala will be going on and I am among the final five nominees for Best North American Cam Model! The deciding voting will be done live at the event so cross your fingers and knock on wood that night, and thank you to everyone who supported me and voted to get me among the finalists! As always I appreciate it more than you know!

Besides all those officially scheduled events I will be having lots of meetings, dinners and discussions with friends old and new and will keep my bunny booty busy the entire week I’m there! So thank you again to everyone for your continued support, and for everyone who will be at my scheduled events. I have a very special place in my heart for Romania and I can’t wait to go back again and to see you all!

And if you haven’t registered for this great event, you can still do so HERE!

Love you all!

Xx, O

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Voting open for Bucharest Summit Awards! (Updated)

Buch Summit Awards 2022 Poster FINAL VOTE

The nomination process is over and I’ve made it through in two categories. So if you are an
active ticket holder for Bucharest Summit or the Bucharest Summit Awards, you can vote me
in the following categories:


BEST TRAINING PROGRAM (LittleRedBunny Academy)

I’m very excited as this is the first time my Academy has made it into a final voting at any awards! So if you are eligible, please vote for me HERE, click the picture above or the banner on the right! And thank you to all who nominated me and got me this far! As always I appreciate your help and support so much!

I will also be doing several events and activities at Bucharest Summit as an Ambassador under my Academy. This will include special round-tables and workshops for performers and studio trainers, special RSVP “get togethers,” a Model Lounge co-sponsored with Pineapple Support, panels and presentations with special guests. I will be officially announcing everything soon, so stay tuned for more information! If you haven’t already, I hope you will REGISTER so I will see you there!

xx, O

***Previous Nomination Post Below***

Buch Summit Awards 2022 Poster

It’s been two years but it’s finally time for me to go back to Romania for the Bucharest Summit! I’m so happy and excited as I have several events and projects planned there with my LittleRedBunny Academy and a few other surprises! I can’t wait.

But along with all that, the Bucharest Summit Awards will be going on and you can now nominate me for a brief time (May 1st I think) so if you want to help me out, I would appreciate if you registered as a member for the Bucharest Summit Membership HERE and you can put my name in for the following categories:





Once I have more info after the initial nominations are in, I will post it here and on my social media. I just know the final voting will be done live at the Awards Show! Thank you again for your continued support, even after all these years and events, it all still means so much to me when you are there for me!

xx, O

Spain, Ukraine, Award, Vacation and COVID update


So sorry I haven’t posted since my arrival day to Spain. It has been quite an overwhelming time, due to various reasons, both good and bad. I’ll try to do a little catch-up here today.

First, I need to warn all people who have been around me to please do a COVID test as I tested positive yesterday (So sorry ☹). If you are one of us who got it there, I hope you will all recover quickly.

I have been wishing to post throughout my trip to Sitges, which I was so excited to finally go back to after all this time. It was beautiful as always, with wonderful people, food and wine and seeing my dear friend Pacholo again. But since my first day of arrival I was very busy, and that increased exponentially during the entire week at TES Affiliate Conference. I’ve had the great pleasure to finally see friends I haven’t seen in a very long time and had several meetings with great people. The overall trip was a very productive one.

While all this action was going on and I had some great news to share to all of you, it got much more intense with the current situation happening in Ukraine and I felt awkward and inappropriate to post about pretty much anything personal or work-wise from that point.

A lot of people in our industry are affected by what’s going on with many unable to return home or worrying about their families stuck in this terrible situation. I’ve since been trying to find ways to help in the limited ways I can. I do have to say it’s been very touching to see how strong, compassionate and united our industry is, it is beyond a community, it is a close, caring family. Many people and companies have been doing everything possible in multiple ways to help all these people in need.

So despite all the more important issues going on, I do wish to share some brighter news, because of all the support you have given me. I won the Best Live Cam Model Brand at the Live Cam Awards, and I want to thank you for always being there for me, supporting me and my growth through all the years!  And thank you Alexandra for all the hard work you put into the LCA, and for the wonderful person you are and all you’ve been doing for our community.

Thank you also Walter and Andreas from TES for yet again being so on point with a perfectly organized event as always. You so amazingly allow us to mix work, networking and fun. Thanks for all the people who I had the chance to spend time with, and I’m looking forward to what will come next in the future together.

Besides all this, I want to thank everyone who has been going out of their way to help, assist, raise funds, donate and give generously to all those in need during this crisis. It’s an honor to know so many incredible people and be a small part of that family.

And for those who are waiting to see me online, sadly my return home will be slightly delayed because of having COVID, so I will keep you updated when I have more information. I miss you all so much and virtual COVID-free kisses and hugs to you all!

xx, O





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Live Cam Awards Final Voting

LCA 2022 FINAL vote Poster 1

It’s a new year, with new opportunities, new circumstances and new challenges. But some things never change and its that time of year for final voting for the LIVE CAM AWARDS!

Thanks to all who took the time to nominate me, and now I need you to help me a little more and vote for me HERE (or by clicking the picture above or the banner to the right) in the following categories through February 23rd:





It is always an honor to be recognized and nominated to this wonderful event my good friend Alexandra has put together for 8 years now! I don’t know if I will be able to attend in person due to COVID going on, yet again! But I SO hope I can!! But even if things don’t get better and I can’t make it, she puts together a fantastic awards ceremony.

So thank you again for all your support, I love you all so much and hope the time comes when its safe to give you all great big hugs for being such wonderful people!

xx, O

Live Cam Awards Nominations Now Open!

LCA 2022 vote Poster 1

We’re going back in time to when the TES Affiliate Conference (The European Summit) was held in Sitges, Spain and the 2022 Live Cam Awards returns with a Spanish Passion theme. So if you are passionate about supporting your favorite little bunny, you can now nominate me HERE or by clicking the picture above (or banner on the side) in the following categories:

- Best Premium Live Cam Model

- Live Cam Industry Representative

- Live Cam Celebrity of the Year

- Live Cam Business Woman of the Year

- Best Live Cam Model Brand

- Best Training Program

- Best Live Cam Coach

It goes without saying how much I appreciate you and your constant support over the years! I can never thank you enough for your friendship, kindness and being there for me! You are all the best!

xx, O

Entertainment Tonight Red Carpet Ranking!

Entertainment Tonight Online updated their “Most Daring Red Carpet Looks of All Time” and I’m now at 57 out of 82. And I’m right between Demi Lovato and Anne Hathaway! I’ve very honored to still be put on this list, especially around such illustrious company! So if you want to see my Red Carpet look from the 2015 AVN Awards (or if you just want to see it again) please click on the picture below or HERE to check out my “un-dress” 20150206-195230-6522448

Want to link up with me?

I know I’m a very old-fashioned type of bunny, and I’m not always up on new technology like cordless phones, electric bass and the interwebs. But I do have a handy little tool which allows you to visit all the things I have to offer you. I finally created a Linktree account where you can see more of me with just a click, tap, touch, stroke or lick on your fancy cordless smart phones and computer!

Just click HERE, the link above or the pictures below to get closer to me!



I’ll Miss You My Dear Friend!


The news of Julius Kedvessy (aka JFK, aka Fubar) passing so suddenly hit me like a brick and is leaving me with a heavy heart and filled with sadness. Not only was he a legend in our industry, he was special and dear to me. He was one of the first people to make me feel welcome and comfortable when starting to attend events in the industry. We grew closer throughout the years. Every time we would meet again for the first time at an event, we would start by sharing a huge hug. And then sharing so many great moments and laughs through all the following days.

I can’t picture not seeing him at events anymore. He was always everywhere! I can’t imagine going to a red carpet and not seeing him along side of Mari Blue, Mike Bartholomy and Buster in my sight. I can’t imagine not seeing him at every single panel, dinners, parties and sharing convos with his wine and cigars. He has shared with us such great times, and captured so much of all of us in moments we can keep as memories forever. I was so happy to give him back the favor and reverse our roles to make him pose for me this one time in Budapest when attending a LiveJasmin/Jasmin event.

His lack of presence and personality will leave such an immense empty space from now on, for so many people.

My deepest condolences to all his family.

RIP my dear Julius. I will miss you and you’ll always have a special warm place in my heart.

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YNOT 2021 LA Awards Poster 1D

YNOT Cam Awards Hollywood is back for 2021 and you can nominate me in three categories through Aug 27th! To help support me you can go HERE or click the picture above and make sure to vote using my YNOT ID: LittleRedBunny and Twitter: @LittleRedBunnyx. Then just check the following three categories and submit:

Most Helpful Model

Most Playful Model

Best Friend

I’m not sure how long the voting is right now, but once I know or find out what categorie(s) I’m nominated I will update it here and on my social media.

As always your support is appreciate and hope you are staying happy and healthy!

Xx, O