CamLife Mag #8 Industry Influencer!

CamLife Mag Influencer 8 2021

A huge thank you to CamLife Magazine for naming me the 8th Most Influential Member of the Camming Community for 2021! This is both an honor and privilege, especially when I am named among so many people I not only respect but also have both a professional and friendly personal relationship with. I don’t know how much influence I have besides making people smile and laugh with me, but I am very grateful for this accolade. Big hugs to Bender and every one at CamLife, and everyone else on the list! Hope I will be seeing you all sooner than later as things slowly get back to normal!

To read the full article, click on the link in the post or the picture above.

xx, O

12th Bunnyversary Recap

20210410-100947-927720210410-100830-8516In case you missed it, I recently celebrated my 12th Bunnyversary on April 7. It’s almost hard to believe I’ve been broadcasting online for a dozen years! It all went by so quickly!

I think a lot of that has to do with the wonderful friends I’ve met along the way who’ve kept me company in my little speakeasy bedroom throughout the years. You’ve helped keep my spirits up and gave me energy and made the time go by like a flash. I am so happy to have you in my life and help me along all these years, as well as added so much to my growing (and helping you grow something ;) ) and learning along the way.

So from the bottom of my bottom, and my heart, I wish to thank you all so very much! I hope you will stay with me on this journey into the next year and beyond! I love you all!

Here is a quick recap of that night, hope you enjoy! (Click HERE or either picture to see the video)

Xx, O20210410-095832-2532

Shagadelic Striptease Music Video


As this is my first post of the new year, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and start things off on a good note with something fun for you all.

Not long ago I found a video I forgot I had recorded and made a silly and sexy little music video out of it for you all to enjoy. There are two versions, the first is the free censored funny and teasey one, guaranteed to make you smile. The other is the explicit uncensored video. You can check them out by clicking the links below:

Free Fun & Sexy HERE

Uncensored HERE

Enjoy them both!

xx, O

Live Cam Awards Final Voting!

LCA 2021 Vote Me Poster 1

First, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy. While much in the world has changed the last year, some things have stayed the same. And its that time of year once again for the Live Cam Awards final voting. Sadly, we won’t be able to enjoy the wonderful awards show Alexandra always puts together for us. But it’s great she still is putting on the awards for everyone so we can at least get together virtually to celebrate the hard work our industry has done.

This year I’ve been honored to be nominated in three categories:

Live Cam Model Brand

Live Cam Celebrity

Live Cam Model Personal Site

To help me all you need to do is go HERE (or click the picture above or banner to the right) to vote for me by March 14. If you haven’t voted before you just need to register with an email. And as always I am so thankful and appreciative for your support you have given me over the years. And hopefully this year things will start becoming a little more normal sooner than later.

Thanks again!

Xx, O

New Regular YNOTCam Article, Dialogues of Camming: Deeper than the Tip


 I’m excited to announce the first in a series of exclusive regular articles I will be doing for entitled Dialogues of Camming: Deeper than the Tip!

I was approached by Connor from YNOT to see if I would be interested in penning a regular column to discuss topics important and helpful to models and I was all too hoppy (and happy) to do it! :)

It also fits with my Camology “The Art of Camming” philosophy and my Dialogues of Camming introduced back in 2018. I am starting this column because I love this industry and the models who make it what it is. I want to take my experience and expertise and give back and help to not only improve working conditions but create a closer community of models from across the globe. I hope we can achieve this by bringing up and discussing important topics beneficial to as many models as possible.

So please check out my first article HERE, and keep an eye on out for the next installment coming soon.

Also check out my upcoming presentation and Q&A Thursday, 11:30am (EST) at the Internext Online Expo. Registration is free!

xx, O


LCA 2021 vote Xmas Poster

I know things are not how they normally would be this time of year, but I do wish everyone a fun, safe and healthy Holiday Season. If you are able to spend time with family and friends, enjoy your time together. And if you want some company, don’t forget you can always find me online every night and I’m happy to be here for you! :)

And just a reminder the 7th ANNUAL LIVE CAM AWARDS nominations are still open for voting. I would be forever grateful if you could nominate me THROUGH JANUARY 25 in the following suggested categories HERE or click the poster above or banner to the right:

-Best Female Live Cam Model

-Model Brand


-Business Woman

-Training Program

-Industry Representative

Thank you again for your continues support and have a safe Holiday Season! Sending lots of love your way!

xx, O


20201213-142355-820343I want to thank everyone who took time voting me daily for the PornHub fan voting for Favorite Cam Performer! The award show is DECEMBER 15 at 7pm EST and I will be performing as a featured nominee live online on PornHub during a two hour Happy Hour prior to the show and during the award show as well. During this time PornHub will be giving 100% of all tips to the models, so this would be a great time to cum see and support me! You can WATCH ME LIVE starting at 5pm EST HERE or click the picture above. And to keep an eye on me while the awards are on, maybe you can open up two browsers to watch both side by side ;)

Also, the 7th ANNUAL LIVE CAM AWARDS nominations are still open for voting. I would be forever grateful if you could nominate me THROUGH JANUARY 25 in the following suggested categories HERE or click the poster above or banner to the right:

-Best Female Live Cam Model

-Model Brand


-Business Woman

-Training Program

-Industry RepresentativeLCA 2021 vote Poster 2B

Thank you all again for your continued support, friendship and company with me online. You all mean so much to me and (as I’ve said soooo many times in the past) I would be nowhere without all of you!

Xx, O

YNOT 2020 Virtual Award WIN & Reaction!


As if 2020 wasn’t already challenging and weird enough, we just had our industry’s first virtual award show Dec. 3rd when the YNOT Awards were broadcast online. As most of you know I was nominated for Live Cam Celebrity of the Year and I WON! Woo hoo!! :)

I wanted to be live online with all my friends while watching if I won the award or not, but I happened to be in private at the time my category was announced so I wasn’t able to give you my genuine, spontaneous reaction when I found out I had won. But as soon as I got back to my live chat, I celebrated and did a cheers with everyone in my room.

I have to thank Jay and Connor from YNOT for the great summit and award show they put on this last week. The summit was super well done and the awards show was fun and classy. Amazing job to everyone involved! I also have to give my respect to all the wonderful and talented fellow nominees, some of who are good friends of mine. To even just be named among you for an award is an honor indeed! And of course thank you to everyone who supported and voted for me! I am forever grateful!

So please check out this quick video of the YNOT Awards and my response online to the news of winning my very first virtual award and my 19th overall!!! I may not have walked a red carpet, or stepped up on stage, but I hope my acceptance speech (which every nominee had to pre-record one) makes up for all that! ;)

Thank you all so much!

xx, O

YNOT Summit Panels – **Industry People Only**

The second YNOT Summit of 2020 is here December 1-3, and I’m taking part on two panels during the event. On Dec 1 at 4pm PST (7pm EST) I will be on “More Proven Tactics from Successful Models” panel. I will be sharing the stage with some great, successful models as we go over tips and tactics to become bigger stars in the adult industry.

Then I will conduct my second “Model Mastery Meeting” on Dec 3 at 3pm PST (6pm EST) which is a virtual round table for models only where I will be going over a variety of topics, ideas and concerns to directly discuss and interact with each other to share knowledge, ask questions and find common bonds and experiences. Topics will include how the current pandemic situation is effecting models and performers, growing your brand & audience, tricks and tools to earning more, dealing with obstacles, managing your time and well-being, psychological approach to camming and a range of relevant topics to be successful online no matter what their goals.

There will also be a lot of other great panels and speakers that you should check out too! This is a terrific event and with everything going on in the world, I’m happy to be able to see and interact with all my industry friends again!

To be a part of all the panels and events (It’s totally FREE to sign up) you need to REGISTER HERE.

Hop, I mean hope to see you there!

Xx, O

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