Free Signed Picture For Three Lucky Fans

Ok here’s a nice gift for someone.

If I get 100 people to subscribe to my LittleRedBunny Youtube Channel then I will send three of my subscribers a personally autographed photo of me.


Now wouldn’t that be something to have sitting on your desk at work, or hanging on your cubicle wall? Wouldn’t all the other people be soooo jealous and make them wonder just who that sexy redhead who signed it to YOU personally was.

Subscribe To LittleRedBunny Tube NOW

I already have 60 people signed up so the give away might not last long.

xx, O

4 thoughts on “Free Signed Picture For Three Lucky Fans

  1. OhHoCanadaEh

    Just want to say you’re a Wonderful person and almost everyone that visits you online is like a friend now. We ALL wish you the Best from the bottom of our Hearts today, tomorrow and for years to come.


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