Wank Kickstarter

As most of you know I will be starring in and executive producing an upcoming web series entitled WANKBANK which will start shooting soon. Well there is now an official Kickstarter page where you can help to fund the project, and get some really cool stuff for your support!

You can take a look at the page and a cool video about the project (including some clips of me) right HERE ON THE WANKBANK KICKSTARTER PAGE! There were also be more videos added soon, so keep your eyes open. Also make sure you check out the packages you can receive for helping support us with a donation, anywhere from the “The Beef Strokeitoff” all the way up to “Buttering the Muffin!”

NEW Full video interview for WANKBANK 

I’m so excited for this project, and it would be so wonderful to have some of my good friends be a part of this! There is even a pledge option for you to come visit me on set during filming, attending the wrap party and have a private dinner or cocktail with me! I hope that is incentive enough to kick in some support by August 19 for a fun project!

So what are you waiting for?! Check out the WANKBANK KICKSTARTER now! :)

Red Wank 1A

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