New Regular YNOTCam Article, Dialogues of Camming: Deeper than the Tip


 I’m excited to announce the first in a series of exclusive regular articles I will be doing for entitled Dialogues of Camming: Deeper than the Tip!

I was approached by Connor from YNOT to see if I would be interested in penning a regular column to discuss topics important and helpful to models and I was all too hoppy (and happy) to do it! :)

It also fits with my Camology “The Art of Camming” philosophy and my Dialogues of Camming introduced back in 2018. I am starting this column because I love this industry and the models who make it what it is. I want to take my experience and expertise and give back and help to not only improve working conditions but create a closer community of models from across the globe. I hope we can achieve this by bringing up and discussing important topics beneficial to as many models as possible.

So please check out my first article HERE, and keep an eye on out for the next installment coming soon.

Also check out my upcoming presentation and Q&A Thursday, 11:30am (EST) at the Internext Online Expo. Registration is free!

xx, O

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