I’m on the Cam Life Magazine Cover


I’m so honored and excited to be on the double cover of the second issue of Cam Life Magazine! There is also an exclusive interview with me (page 68) done by Bender Cain and it contains several revealing pics of me. I also reveal a few things you may not know about me and my time camming, and what my New Year’s resolution is. But I’m most excited to let you know you get to grab me, well, I mean grab your own hard copy or digital copy and have it sent right to you! This is a new, and really cool magazine, filled with all kinds of topics about the adult camming industry, models, and industry pioneers and icons.

Grab your print copy here:

Grab your digital copy here:

So get your hands on me, I mean this issue while you can. My backside is on the back cover of the magazine! Don’t want to wait for the hard copy? Then you just need to stroke your keys and download the digital copy and have me right in front of you instantly!  ;)

xx, O

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