LittleRedBunny Academy Romania Tour Visits 2022

Studio Visits 2022 (Poster 1)

LittleRedBunny Academy Makes Romania Return for Studio Tours

LittleRedBunny, one of the most awarded and recognized cam models in the adult camming industry, will be making her fourth official trip to Romania under the banner of her LittleRedBunny Academy in late August of this year. Her Academy, which officially launched at LALExpo in Cali, Colombia in July 2017 and has since spawned many imitators in the industry, offers unique and tailored services for studios and models to improve performance, productivity and motivation.

“I was very happy with the responses and opportunities to visit and work with models, trainers and studios on my first official Academy tour in Romania,” LittleRedBunny said. “It was a unique experience and was great to really reach out and interact with so many people and share my knowledge and experience to help improve productivity and earnings.”

LittleRedBunny’s Academy takes her more than thirteen years of camming experience, knowledge of platform operations, strong work ethic and her psychological approach to bring a unique and proven method to coaching studios and cam models.

“I really respect the cam studios and how they structure their business and support the models.” LittleRedBunny added. “The Academy is not to try to tell them how to run their studios or train their models. My approach is more focused on joining forces with studios to give them additional tools, motivational styles and the psychological factors of retaining new models, and reinvigorating veteran models. Additionally, with this psychological approach, I really want to make everyone happier in their jobs, create strong relationships and communication between models and their visitors, as well as between models, trainers and owners to help stimulate and increase long-term success. I think, with my experience, paired with the knowledge I’ve gained while working and interacting with so many great people in this industry, my insight and involvement can be very beneficial for those who take part in my Academy.”

LittleRedBunny wants to continue to expand her Academy and work with more models and studios on her upcoming trip to Romania. “It’s been very exciting working with and creating bonds with models across the globe with my Academy. Most of my services are done online, but I really enjoy when I get to  travel and meet models and studios in person and build real bonds,” LittleRedBunny said. “I never tire of meeting and hearing stories and sharing knowledge with others, especially from other countries and cultures. Overall, despite the distances, many of our experiences are similar and that makes some pretty strong connections.”

Services offered by the LittleRedBunny Academy individually tailored for in-person visits for studios and models include:

- Simple visit
- Recorded, documented studio visits for Internal and External publication
(professionally recorded and edited to be published after studio approval)
- Private Consultations with owners, managers, trainers and models
- Motivational Presentations and discussions
- Tea & Talk with Models (Q&A Round Table)
- Training and Coaching (Models, Trainers)
- Customized packages with any combination of all services that suits needs of studios

Studios who are interested in booking LittleRedBunny for a visit, consultation, or any of her Academy services should contact LittleRedAcademyPR@gmail for more details and availability of her schedule.


“Everyone was excited but at the same time nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. The first thought was that it would be something extremely formal but the thing is the moment LittleRedBunny sat down and started talking the atmosphere changed, we relaxed and we felt like we were talking with a colleague that we’ve known for a while.

  We were expecting her to share her experiences and wisdom, but we also thought that she would hold back and just say what she thought we wanted to hear.That didn’t happen. She was very truthful and open, but mostly very down to earth. In her presence, you felt like you could ask any question and she will share her opinion and different scenarios on how you could implement her advice.

  She was also very inclusive and curious about how each of our models was handling their online time. She gave advice on how to handle difficult members, how you should really approach your time in free to maximize you private rate and how to always put yourself first.

  It was like talking with a friend that had your best interest at heart and was very real with you concerning your expectations about success and life as a cam girl. Maybe some girls wanted to get the perfect recipe to be a very good model, but LittleRedBunny gave them something better- the push for them to find the perfect recipe for themselves and not copying someone else’s.

  It was exhilarating to meet and talk with someone with so much experience and willingness to help and encourage. And we hope it won’t be the last time we share a talk with her.”


Recommendation for The LittleRedBunny Academy

       “In my time as a studio owner I have found most consultants to be long on money and short on any results. There has only been one exception, and that is of the time and attention of LittleRedBunny. I have found her to be deeply knowledgeable, very practical in terms of model behavior and technological advice, and to have insight and a charming wit that makes her a delight to work with.

        We consulted with Ophelia in two different ways. One focus was on model training and the other was a tour of the studio, time with the management team, and a tea-talk with all the models. In the model training she carefully observed models on different occasions, took extensive notes, and fed back to me and to the models what she was seeing. It was the kind of work evaluation that sophisticated and dedicated employees and owners want. Her feedback was constructive and direct. She praised what she thought was going well and why, and she was direct, yet kind, in what she thought needed work. Because of her reputation in the industry models can be intimidated by her presence, but her easy and sincere friendliness, quickly disarmed any anxiety they might have had. The results of her training depended on how well the model consistently followed through on her very good insight. Consultation is only as good as the model or studio’s willingness to listen and to follow through. For us, those models who paid attention improved in their earnings and in their on-camera presence.

       LittleRedBunny’s tour of the studio and conversations with the management team were a highlight for me. She walked through every room, from kitchen to work room, and at our request, made comments and asked questions that I found to be extremely helpful. Whether it was about soft, hot, or cold lights, to camera angle, to sheet cover and skin tone, to types of cameras, I found her to be very knowledgeable and constructive in her comments. Simple comments and observations were most helpful. In the studio worlds we build we can often miss little but important things. 

       Finally, we had a tea-talk with all the models to talk about the business, problems, and promises of caming. Once again, her charming and genuinely friendly demeanor dissolved model anxiety. As the talk wore on the conversation became what I wanted it to be – a professional to professional talk aimed at building knowledge and confidence. Lots of pictures and selfies ensued.

        Consultation is not magic. It is only as good as the willingness of the models and studios to actively listen to, engage with, and consistently implement what is being offered. If this is done there could be no other better use of your time and money that working with LittleRedBunny.”

Tom Collins

LD Studios

Bucharest, Romania

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