Only Two Weeks Left

On my August special…

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and registered, here’s three reasons to do it. If you join Jasmin using my LittleRedBunnyCam Jasmin Affiliate link HERE and get 10 Free Private Teasers.

You can use them when I’m in Private to peek in on the hot and erotic action, and see just what fun we can have if you take me private as well. Or use them on any of the many hot ladies on Jasmin too to take a peek at what they are doing in private.

Also your first purchase of credits gets a BONUS of $10.99 credits when you validate your credit card.

(That just means they check to see if its a real credit card.)

AND THEN, on your first purchase of credits in August, use my promotional code “HopOnMe” for an ADDED 10%. Just enter the code in the top left when you get to the purchase page. Choose wisely since you only get the 10% on your first purchase.

Wow, all those free credits and peeks but for only two more weeks.


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