Daily Archives: June 4, 2016

Hopping off to Romania for AW Summit & Awards

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI can’t believe another year has gone by already and its time to go back to Romania. This time to co-host the AW Awards with my great friend Douglas! Woo hoo! You will be able to watch it live HERE June 8 at 12:30 EST. If you can’t watch it live it will be available on replay at some point, but not sure when yet, but I will keep you posted on my Twitter @LittleRedBunnyx. I am so nervous I hope I don’t be my usual self and mess up half of what I say! Be ready to hear a lot of my Bunnyisms. :)


I am so thankful to Alex for giving me this opportunity to co-host the AW Awards and I am looking forward to having fun doing it with Douglas. I’m so nervous just thinking about it and giddy with anticipation and seeing how often Douglas will crack me up on stage. All I hope is everyone will enjoy the show and have a great time that evening.


awsummit logo copy

I will also be attending the AW Summit and taking part in a live panel discussion or two. It was a great event last year and I got to meet and interact with so many models and industry professionals, I really can’t wait to see everyone again and hopefully make new friends too.

I know I will be gone a bit longer on this trip because I’m going to take some time to see the Romanian countryside after the hectic week I will have. So look for me to be back on June 21. But I promise to keep you posted with my adventures as much as I can on my Twitter feed @LittleRedBunnyx and I will have some new surprises on my LittleRedBunny.xxx site as well, including a very hot series of videos involving lots of different toys being used in the naughtiest of places. ;) Until then you can check out my new full-nude, but very artistic photo set from the wonderful MariBlue from when I was in Spain. It’s very intimate, in full HD, super close up and you can even see my green eyes and all my freckles too! It’s my way of keeping close to you while I’m away (besides on Twitter).


Also, so you can share in my adventures and keep close to me I have the long-overdue video of my trip to Colombia for LALExpo where you can see me dancing, horseback riding, dancing, taking in the sites, dancing, visiting a cam studio, and more dancing! Hope you enjoy it and it was worth the wait!

Well, wish me luck! I will miss you all so much while I’m gone and can’t wait until I can come back and share my experiences with you and you can share something else with me too! ;)

Big hugs and kisses to you all! Behave while I’m gone so you can be naughty with me when I get back!

xx, O