Now On Showtine

The cable network Showtime is broadcasting the SexAwards now. You can go to the local listing for you by clicking the picture:


Let me know if you watch it. LOL, I so totally screwed up my acceptance speech. Vote for ME for the AVNs and I promise to do better…

4 thoughts on “Now On Showtine

  1. TarheelTrueBlue

    Unfortunately, I haven’t caught you on Showtime :( Anyone out there can tivo/record it and upload it so I can watch?
    Thx Twitter @TarheelTrueBlue

  2. TarheelTrueBlue

    Could someone please tivo/record The Sex Awards and upload it on youtube? I don’t have Showtime. Would love to check out LittleRedBunny win her award :P

  3. Ophelia Marcus Post author

    I see you got a copy, thank you very much for posting it. I’ve put it here so others can see it. Hugs and kisses. Can’t wait to thank you more personally next time you are on Jasmin Tarheel.


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