TWO YNOT AWARDS Voting and Nominations Open!

YNOT 2018 Dual Voting Poster 1EEven though both awards are from YNOT, make sure you read both explanations below so you know if you are eligible to vote for the Prague awards (Industry Members), Hollywood awards (Open to all) or both.


So another year has gone by and it’s time again for the 8th Annual YNOT Awards in Prague, Czech Republic! I really enjoyed co-hosting the awards last year with my great friend Jay and looking forward to another wonderful night again! This year I am so happy to be nominated in two categories:

Best Live Cam Model

Best Cam Model Representative

I’m especially honored for being recognized as a representative for models in the industry which means a lot to me! The nominations are from people in the industry and I’ve worked very hard since 2014 to be a great representative, not just among my peers and others in the industry, but in the media and reaching out into mainstream opportunities to show a good face of what we do and break down misconceptions of our industry. Not only have I been published in dozens of articles I’ve worked hard to take part in projects and events in both the adult and mainstream industry.

So you know what to do! If you are a member of the industry you can vote for me HERE to login (or register if you haven’t already) and click the circle next to my name in both categories. You can also click on the white banner to the right for the YNOT Awards Prague.


Additionally, YNOT has created a new Cam Awards show in Hollywood, CA! You can NOMINATE ME HERE through August 10 for:

Cam Model of the Year

Best Friend

Most Playful

I’m really excited to see not only a new award show in the US, but some new and unique categories being available geared towards all kinds of different cam models.

So to nominate me for the YNOT Cam Awards in Hollywood, you can go HERE and click on “Suggest Nominee” or click on the black banner to the right! I’m excited to have a new cam awards show here in the US! I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you so much again, I am so honored and humbled to be nominated by the people in the webcam industry, it is a real honor!


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