YNOT 2020 Virtual Award WIN & Reaction!


As if 2020 wasn’t already challenging and weird enough, we just had our industry’s first virtual award show Dec. 3rd when the YNOT Awards were broadcast online. As most of you know I was nominated for Live Cam Celebrity of the Year and I WON! Woo hoo!! :)

I wanted to be live online with all my friends while watching if I won the award or not, but I happened to be in private at the time my category was announced so I wasn’t able to give you my genuine, spontaneous reaction when I found out I had won. But as soon as I got back to my live chat, I celebrated and did a cheers with everyone in my room.

I have to thank Jay and Connor from YNOT for the great summit and award show they put on this last week. The summit was super well done and the awards show was fun and classy. Amazing job to everyone involved! I also have to give my respect to all the wonderful and talented fellow nominees, some of who are good friends of mine. To even just be named among you for an award is an honor indeed! And of course thank you to everyone who supported and voted for me! I am forever grateful!

So please check out this quick video of the YNOT Awards and my response online to the news of winning my very first virtual award and my 19th overall!!! I may not have walked a red carpet, or stepped up on stage, but I hope my acceptance speech (which every nominee had to pre-record one) makes up for all that! ;)

Thank you all so much!

xx, O

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