#RedBunnyHops off to Spain

I’m on my way to Spain and I’m so excited! Here is a little video as a going away present to keep you smiling :)

3 thoughts on “#RedBunnyHops off to Spain

  1. rac1980

    Poor little Mr. Rabbit left behind on purpose, becoming an alcoholic getting depressions and a broken heart. ;(

  2. Daavery

    I hope the trip to Barcelona(Sitges) for the Live Cam Awards rewards you with 2 shiney trophy to bring back to the bunnys bedroom. I know everyone here is rooting for the Little Red Bunny!!

  3. Devvvil

    Looks like Mr. Bunny and I have a lot in common!

    Good Luck Ophelia!

    [PS: You don't need no stinkin' trophy to be the best to me! Butt another 2 would look real nice, kinda like You!]


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