My last trip to Spain? :(

I am so happy to go but equally sad because my next trip to Spain for The European Summit and Live Cam Awards may be my last. It looks like next year the Summit will be held in Portugal instead of Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. I’m excited to go to a new place next year, but Sitges has been my favorite place to visit. It’s such a lovely town, the people are so nice and the food! The food is so good and so fresh there!

To share a little bit of how much I love going to Sitges, I put together a short video highlighting my trip from last year. I hope to make it back there again for whatever reason, but for now I will have to make the most of this trip while I’m there. I will also be busy helping with the official launch of DivaTraffic and will be on two seminars and a model round table at the TES.

I hope you enjoy this little video while I’m gone from March 1-10 (but should be back online the night of the 10th), and don’t forget to vote me for Best Female Live Cam Model, Best Live Cam Model Personal Site and Cam Celebrity of the Year HERE.

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