A LittleRed Milestone While in LA

It’s been exactly FIVE years since my very first award as Best Camgirl of the Year at The 2013 Sex Awards! Back then it was at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA and it was the only award category given to a cam model (all others were porn related).

Now five years later I’m going back to the exact same venue during the exact same month of my first award to attend the YNOT Awards where all the categories are dedicated to webcam models! I’m up for the nomination of Most Playful Model. Will I return with my 15th Award in five years? *drum roll*

I find it so amazing how things have changed in my life and in the industry in these last five years. There are now many Award Galas dedicated to the cam industry alone, as well as conventions, forums, magazines and so much more! I have to repeat again how this would’ve never happened to me if I did not have your friendships, love and support through all these years. Thank you all again from the depth of my heart!

I hope you will be able to share this night with me by watching it live online so I know you are around even if you are at home :)


Watch the YNOT Cam Awards LIVE on October 24th, 2018

Red Carpet Event at 5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

YNOT Cam Awards at 8:30pm Pacific / 11:30pm Eastern



Also on the same day of the YNOT Awards, October 24th, I’ll be LIVE on Vivid Radio’s show iWantRadio on SiriusXM Channel 415 from 2-3pm PST, 4-5pm EST. They will be taking calls so if you want to ring us up, you are more than welcome to do so at 855-998-4843, or 855-99-VIVID!



And if you did not get to read the latest article about me from The Daily Beast by Aurora Snow, please give it a look!



I will miss you while away, but will keep you close in my thoughts!!! Big kisses to you all and eager to see you back in a week, maybe with some extra freckles from the California sun and extra love for you all!





One thought on “A LittleRed Milestone While in LA

  1. David M Billings

    You and Nina are so cute on the couch together. It’s an excellent and very professional video, lovely lady. Thank you so much for sharing it.


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