mademanmainpage Video Interview – Check It Out! just posted Steve Mazzucchi’s recent Interview With Me to their website. It made the “Entertainment” section’s main page as a featured story too!

It really is the best Christmas present a Little Red Bunny can have.

Steve did such a great job of interviewing me and put together a amazing video, part interview, part web clips of me. Be sure to check it out. You will love it I’m sure. I did. They asked some interesting questions and I hope you enjoy my answers.

And I got to use my new microphone so the sound is clear and clean.

I’ll be posting Christmas pictures on the site for everyone this week. Happy holidays and be safe.

And please remember to take a few minutes out each day and VOTE FOR ME at the AVN Awards. You can vote from any IP you have access from, so if you sneak into Granddad’s home office during Christmas dinner with your family and vote, I promise I won’t tell.

Will you?….(naughty bunny grin). I’m sure Granddad won’t mind.

But maybe HE has already voted for me. Then you could share a secret grin, knowing you both love redheads, couldn’t you?


Now I want to see each and everyone of you in my room for a special New Years Eve party on December 31st. Let’s rock and roll 2015 in together.

xx, O

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