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I can’t believe I made it to the final round of voting for Best Female Live Cam Model and Best Live Cam Model Personal Website at the LiveCamAwards! Yay! Please help me by voting HERE through February 27.  So If you voted during the nominations all you have to do is sign in. If you haven’t voted yet, you can register at the same link with just an email and password (its quick and easy). It’s not a daily vote so you only need to vote once after you log in or register. Woohoo!

Also, this is the last chance of 2016 to help me win an award because after this, I will be co-hosting the AW Awards in Romania and not eligible for any awards there. So I hope you all help me bring back a trophy so we can celebrate in my room together! :)

I’m so excited to be heading back to Spain and I wouldn’t be going or even nominated if it wasn’t for all of you! I really can’t say it enough just how amazing and special you all are! I would be nothing without all of you and I wish I could give you all a great big long hug! :)

Thank you so much again! You really are the best! xx, O


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