A Bounty of Business in Bucharest!

Bucharest Summit Award and Vote 2022


I was so happy to be back in Romania for the Bucharest Summit after three years away!

I had a lot of things going on, including two workshops I hosted under my LittleRedBunny Academy, having my first Bunny’s Bonding Boudoir Happy Hour (sponsored by Babestation and SkyPrivate), and I also won my 23rd award when I was voted North American Cam Model of the Year!

Model Mastery Meeting 0D2A9152 Model Mastery Meeting 20220628_154402 Bucharest Summit Happy Hour Montage 1

And while it was a very busy time, and each night was the typical up partying, drinking and talking until the sun comes up, it all went by so fast and the next thing I knew I was heading back to my little bunny home.

Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_30_08_087Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_30_07_207Z

So first of all I want to thank everyone at Bucharest Summit for their great support and help in getting all my events, as well as everything else going on there, a great success! The whole Summit went smoothly and was very professionally done.

Second, I want to thank everyone who nominated me and voted for me as I could have never even been in contention if it weren’t for all the wonderful people who support me! Big hugs and kisses!


And finally, I want to thank all my fantastic Romanian friends and fellow industry people who make going to events like this such a memorable and fun time! I missed you all and was so great to see so many familiar faces again!

Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_30_45_700Z Skype_Picture_2022_07_29T05_31_00_972Z

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support, voting, caring, concern and friendships! You really all help make this industry feel like a family!

Love you all!

Xx, O

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