The Awesome Jasmin staff and AEE Booth

I can’t thank Jasmin enough for the great opportunity they gave me. Jasmin had the best booth at the AEE in Las Vegas, I SWEAR! I got to be super comfy to do interviews and had fun on the couch in this cozy room for the visitors and all of you that were in my free chat.

By the way, wasn’t it great to be able to be online while being at the AEE? I got to have you close to me while tons of things were going on at the Expo. I know I LOVED IT, I hope it was fun for you too!

Jasmin CEO Laszlo, Nouria, Tamas, and Zsolt were incredible to work with! My time in Vegas is forever memorable and I will never forget it! Can’t wait to work with them again and again!

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