My Schedule For The AVN Convention

Ok everyone, here’s my schedule for next week at the 2015 AVN Convention.

Wednesday, the 21st
Media Interviews, HardRock Hotel – 2-4pm Pacific (5-7pm Eastern)
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live) – 4-6pm Pacific (7-9pm Eastern)
Dinner Break – 6-7pm Pacific (9-10pm Eastern)
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live) – 7-10pm Pacific (10pm-1am Eastern)

Thursday, the 22nd
Media Interviews, HardRock Hotel – 12-2pm Pacific (3-5pm Eastern)
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live) – 2-4pm Pacific (5-7pm Eastern)
Dinner Break – 4-5pm Pacific (7-8pm Eastern)
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live) – 5-8pm Pacific (8-11pm Eastern)

Friday, the 23rd
Media Interviews, HardRock Hotel – 12-12:45pm Pacific (3-3:45pm Eastern)
Industry Seminar, HardRock Hotel (LittleRedBunny speaking) –
One in a Million: Developing an Irresistible (and Lucrative) Live Cam Personality” – 1-2pm (4-5pm Eastern)
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live) – 2-4pm Pacific (5-7pm Eastern)
Dinner Break – 4-5pm Pacific (7-8pm Eastern)
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live)
- 5-8pm Pacific (8-11pm Eastern)

Saturday, the 24st
Meet the Fans, Jasmin Booth (Watch Live) – 11am-3pm Pacific (2-5pm Eastern)

During the “Meet The Fans” sessions I will be Online in my Jasmin Room as well, streaming from the Show. Stop by and watch while I meet everyone and sign autographs from the Jasmin booth.



I will be available at the start of each day of the convention for personal interviews.

If you are a journalist, reporter or online news site and would like to schedule one with me while I am at the AVNs, please contact LittleRedBunny Marketing to make arrangements. The email is: press@littleredbunny.com

You can sample some of my interviews from last year on the “Bunny in the Media” page here on this website.



You can still vote for your favorite camgirl during the convention and we have just seven more days to vote too. Everyone’s support has been incredible and if I should win this year, it will be because you all are so amazing. I touch wood and I hope you touch your wood too for good luck…lol.


Come by and meet me if you can attend the convention in person. I will be super happy to sign the pictures that I will have there for anybody that comes see me, and to sign anything you bring and want me to sign. That way you can keep a little piece of me with you once you leave Las Vegas and head home.

I will be online in free chat as usual during the hours I am at the booth during “Meet the Fans”.

Go to the LittleRedRoom to join in that day.

Now I won’t be “chatting” with those watching the live stream as much as I normally do during my nightly shows. Depending how busy it is in there at the booth, it will affect the amount of attention I will be able to give to the online free chat room. I hope you won’t be disappointed if it does get busy and I can’t interact in my usual way. I am still happy to have you being able to take part in the event even if it is by distance.

I will do my best to still do “Sip for Tips”, since this is our sweet tradition.

Remember that things may come up unexpectedly at the Convention, I could get called away to do a radio show or something such and have to log off the chat for a few minute. I might need to go grab a bite and stuff like that too, but just know that I will be back online until the end of the day. Be sure to follow me on Twitter during the Convention for special announcements and convention updates.

Follow LittleRedBunny on Twitter

Thursday and Friday I have a similar schedule, the only difference is I’m speaking at one of the Seminars on Friday.

Friday Jan. 23, 2015, 1-2pm, Studio 1B
One in a Million: Developing an Irresistible (and Lucrative) Live Cam Personality

Moderator: Bob Raley. M Group
Speakers: LittleRedBunny
Tamas Repa, Jasmin
Nadia TS
Carole Wood, ImLive
Jamie Rodriguez, Video Secrets
Sarah Shevon

“Live cam operators have always known that diversity is key to success, and that original cam performers can succeed beyond their wildest dreams. It’s the rest of the world that is finally catching on to the limitless opportunities available to a performer, even in a market that is increasingly crowded. Indeed, if there is any area of adult entertainment where a performer has more hands-on control to decide exactly what his or her audience will experience, it is the live cammer. That’s fun but also scary. This seminar will help lessen the fear, and focus the mind.”

(Sorry this is one of the adult industry seminars for professional entertainers and businesses, and unfortunately not open to fans.)


Saturday is a short one, since all of us going to the Awards Show need to spend a few hours getting ready for our trip down the red carpet, lol. My red carpet will be on the Red Carpet that night.


I’ll be taking loads of pictures and getting them up as soon as I can afterwards for you to enjoy.

Hope to see you at the Convention, or online.

xx, O

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