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A Bunny Story & Unboxing Video


If you haven’t watched my ‘A Bunny Story and Unboxing Video,’ please watch it first before you continue reading this post if you want to share in my surprise and reaction.


I made this video to share with all my fans and friends, and for Live Jasmin. An amazing thing happened the other day when I received a package I didn’t really know I was getting, or expected.

Once I went through the long effort to open the box and saw what was inside, I got extremely emotional and needed some time to sit and digest all the feelings I had in that moment. Hours later I was still choked up and teary-eyed telling people I got something very special that day.

Hopefully if you got this far, you’ve already watched the video and know what was in the box. It was one of five paintings of my image taken from a photo shoot with Philip Reardon (who I consider an amazing photographer) at AVN 2015 for 7 Deadly (sadly the article and link to it are not there anymore). The paintings were made for the “Meeting Jasmin“art project which were images of Jasmin models reinterpreted by an artist.

The paintings were made in 2016 and I always hoped I could see it, or eventually get a copy. Thankfully, Live Jasmin decided to send me one, maybe because I recently just hit my 15th year as a cam artist on their site. Whatever the reason it means so much to me for many reasons.

This painting represents 15 years of my life, and shows the tiny hint of significance of my impact and legacy in this industry. And I LOVE how the artist, Hugo Valentine, really nailed my style and ambiance of my room with his choice of colors and brush strokes. The painting title is “Red Bunny Has Her Own Kingdom” and the aluminum and glass frame is very heavy, solid and strong and will probably last longer than I will. Hehehe. And while I may not always be relevant, this beautiful work of art connects deeply and directly with a strong and flourishing period of not just my career, but my whole life too. That’s probably why I got so emotional about it.

And now as things are drastically changing in the industry, it makes me appreciate even more  all the things I experienced throughout all these years, knowing I’m lucky, as probably a very limited amount of people got to experience it the way I did. And I’m so thankful to Live Jasmin always trying to think outside the box and do such a great job with their marketing. I am so honored to have been a part  of their “Meeting Jasmin” art project (you can click on the link to see the painting and even buy one if you wish!). And now I have a tangible memory of all our years together.

It’s kind of odd and surreal to see and touch a piece of art, especially one with my image on it, and feel such a load of emotion along with it. Of course I have my own personal connection with it and everything the painting represents behind the scenes as well. I am so grateful I can hold in my hands something that to me summarizes 15 years of my life. And while Live Jasmin took an artistic road with this project, their objective wasn’t to do that, even more so that back in 2016 when I wasn’t yet 15 years in the industry. But the artistic road made something which will last far longer.

I know I can talk a lot, and I’m saying a lot of words right now, but paradoxically I feel out of words. I truly can’t express the feelings I have right now…

So let me close by giving another BIG THANK YOU to the whole Live Jasmin staff for this absolutely priceless gift! I’m speechless and overwhelmed by emotions!

Love you all!

xx, O