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AW-BuchS 2017 Facebook Banner 1C

Final Voting for the AW Awards is finally here! Vote me through May 20. Now we’re almost done with all the vote posts (for a little while hopefully!). Below is a video for the AW Awards with voting information below it!

For the final voting at the AW Awards is at www.aw-awards.com/vote If you vote me from the links on my site or from any of my social media links, they count as 5 points instead of just one! So please give me a better chance by using those links to vote.

You can do the final VOTING for the AW Awards EVERYDAY by clicking on each category:

Cam Girl of the Year

Best Solo Website

Social Media Star

Well, that’s about it. I will keep it simple since this is becoming quite a routine! :) I do hope you all know just how much you all mean to me, and how important you all are to me! I have the best friends and fans anywhere, and I’m so happy to have taken this journey with you all! You really are the best!

xx, O