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YNOT Awards Hollywood Voting

BANNER TWITTER PLAYFUL4I may be off to Prague for the 8th Annual YNOT Awards, but there will be a new YNOT Awards in Hollywood soon and I’m a finalist for MOST PLAYFUL MODEL! This particular awards is focused on camming and clips which is a new concept for them that I’m very excited about! The voting is also open to everyone, not just industry people. It’s a daily vote, so if you want to let everyone know just how playful I can be, click on the picture above, the banner on the right, or HERE to cast your vote through Sept. 30 (you do have to register or have already registered to vote). I would really appreciate it! And even though I’m already friendly, playful and do my best to entertain and please you, if you vote for me everyday I will do my best to be extra special the next time you visit me ;)

After you vote, you can check out my profile page which includes my newest interview with YNOT HERE. I talk with them about a variety of topics, including talking about all of you, so I hope you give it a look because maybe you will find out a few new things about me :) You can also click the picture below to see the interview.

It goes without saying how thankful I am to you all for your support and votes and how much you all mean to me. This journey would not be the same, or as fun and exciting if it weren’t for you all! It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing your company and building great relationships everyday over the many years! You are all so very special to me ;)

xx, O


Prague 2017 Recap, off to TES Prague 2018!

I am so happy and excited to being making my third trip to beautiful Prague for The European Summit! Although there is a lot of business going on, and its always such a great and well prepared and organized event, I always have a lot of fun there and I never get tired of exploring the streets of such an amazing city! By the way, I will be speaking on two panels this year, “Women in Dating and Adult Businesses” and “When to Hire an Outside Firm to Help your In House Team,” so if you are in the industry and will be at the TES, stop by, give a listen and say hi!

Last year in Prague I was so honored to co-host the YNOT Awards with my good friend Jay. I had a lot of fun preparing for it and doing the show. You can watch the video above to see how the evening went, before, during and after the show!

And for those who haven’t had a chance to visit Prague, below is a little video of me exploring the streets at night. It was a bit chilly out, but the city was so still and cozy with gorgeous views everywhere. It was quite a change from the hectic and crowded Old Town area. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to sharing more memories and moments from there soon!



Webcam News Interview


I recently had the opportunity to sit and answer some questions with the wonderful Irina from Webcam News which was a true pleasure. Additionally, this interview discusses some new topics than in other interviews, and its really long and satisfying, just how I like it ;)

So please take some time and really use your fingers to scroll through the ARTICLE (Or click the picture Above) and fill up your eyes with all you can handle of me. :P

Thank you again Irina!



Top 25 Influencer in CamLife Magazine


This article is something I wasn’t expecting and is a wonderful surprise to me. It is a huge, huge, HUGE honor to be listed among some of the best influencers among the adult webcam industry. Especially when I know so many of these amazing people which i have so much respect for and with many of them I consider to be my friends. I am at number 13, which is a nice lucky number right in the middle of things, where is where I usually like to be! ;)

I am also very thankful to Bender Cain for posting about my Academy in the article too!

Check out the full article and list HERE and let me know what you think of my position in the rankings (get it? Position. ;)  )


TWO YNOT AWARDS Voting and Nominations Open!

YNOT 2018 Dual Voting Poster 1EEven though both awards are from YNOT, make sure you read both explanations below so you know if you are eligible to vote for the Prague awards (Industry Members), Hollywood awards (Open to all) or both.


So another year has gone by and it’s time again for the 8th Annual YNOT Awards in Prague, Czech Republic! I really enjoyed co-hosting the awards last year with my great friend Jay and looking forward to another wonderful night again! This year I am so happy to be nominated in two categories:

Best Live Cam Model

Best Cam Model Representative

I’m especially honored for being recognized as a representative for models in the industry which means a lot to me! The nominations are from people in the industry and I’ve worked very hard since 2014 to be a great representative, not just among my peers and others in the industry, but in the media and reaching out into mainstream opportunities to show a good face of what we do and break down misconceptions of our industry. Not only have I been published in dozens of articles I’ve worked hard to take part in projects and events in both the adult and mainstream industry.

So you know what to do! If you are a member of the industry you can vote for me HERE to login (or register if you haven’t already) and click the circle next to my name in both categories. You can also click on the white banner to the right for the YNOT Awards Prague.


Additionally, YNOT has created a new Cam Awards show in Hollywood, CA! You can NOMINATE ME HERE through August 10 for:

Cam Model of the Year

Best Friend

Most Playful

I’m really excited to see not only a new award show in the US, but some new and unique categories being available geared towards all kinds of different cam models.

So to nominate me for the YNOT Cam Awards in Hollywood, you can go HERE and click on “Suggest Nominee” or click on the black banner to the right! I’m excited to have a new cam awards show here in the US! I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you so much again, I am so honored and humbled to be nominated by the people in the webcam industry, it is a real honor!


LittleRedBunny Academy Tour Romania


LittleRedBunny Academy Makes First Official Tour in Romania

LittleRedBunny, one of the most awarded and recognized cam models in the adult industry, will be making her first official trip to Romania under the banner of her LittleRedBunny Academy in May and June of this year. Her Academy, which officially launched at LALExpo in Cali, Colombia in July 2017, offers unique and tailored services for studios and models to improve performance, productivity and motivation.

“I’m always happy to visit Romania each year, and it was in Romania where I visited my very first cam model studio, so I think it’s fitting I schedule my first official Academy tour working with studios there,” LittleRedBunny said. “I have so many good friendships with studio owners, models and staff there already that I’m really excited to start brining a new dynamic to the already existing relationship I have with them.”

LittleRedBunny’s Academy takes her more than nine years of camming experience, knowledge of platform operations, strong work ethic and her psychological approach to bring a unique and proven method to coaching studios and cam models.

“I really respect the cam studios and how they structure their business and support the models.” LittleRedBunny added. “The Academy is not to try to tell them how to run their studios or train their models. My approach is more focused on joining forces with studios to give them additional tools, motivational styles and the psychological factors of retaining new models, and reinvigorating veteran models. Additionally, with this psychological approach, I really want to make everyone happier in their jobs, create strong relationships and communication between models and their visitors, as well as between models, trainers and owners to help stimulate and increase long-term success. I think, with my experience, paired with the knowledge I’ve gained while working and interacting with so many great people in this industry, my insight and involvement can be very beneficial for those who take part in my Academy.”

Indications so far from those who have taken part in the Academy have been very optimistic, a trend LittleRedBunny wants to continue on her upcoming trip to Romania.
“It’s been very exciting to see the positive results and feedback I’ve already had from the models and studios who have been working with my Academy, and I can’t wait to see how this trip to Romania will add to the great interaction and friendships I’ve already built so far,” LittleRedBunny said. “I did not have the easiest road to get to where I am now in this industry, but if my Academy can help others overcome the early obstacles that can come with camming, I’m more than happy to help them out.”

Services offered by the LittleRedBunny Academy induvially tailored for in-person visits for studios and models include:

- Simple visit
- Recorded, documented studio visits for Internal and External publication
(professionally recorded and edited to be published after studio approval)
- Private Consultations with owners, managers, trainers and models
- Motivational Presentations and discussions
- Tea & Talk with Models (Q&A Round Table)
- Training and Coaching (Models, Trainers)
- Customized packages with any combination of all services that suits needs of studios

Studios who are interested in booking LittleRedBunny for a visit, consultation, or any of her Academy services should contact LittleRedAcademyPR@gmail for more details and availability of her schedule.
For more information about the LittleRedBunny Academy, visit:

My 9th Bunnyversary is Here!

9thBunnyversay Original_with logoI can’t believe it’s been almost a full decade online! It seems like I just started yesterday. This has been a really amazing journey and experience, with so many things happening I never dreamed of! The most important thing during all this time is having the pleasure to meet so many wonderful, smart, funny, caring and crazy (the good kind of crazy) people in my little online speakeasy of a room (and some in person at events). All of you unique and special people really made these last 9 years go by so fast because you all made this journey so fun, exciting and meaningful that I never noticed the time pass. I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of my life, and making my life a part of yours. You all mean so much to me that I can’t simply put it in words. And even if I could, I would probably get tongue tied and say it wrong anyway! Hahaha! So THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART (and from my bottom too)! I LOVE YOU ALL so much!

xx, O

Two Romanian Award Shows FINAL VOTING!

Buch-AW Banner 2

Thank you so much for getting me into the final round of voting in four categories for the AW Awards! There will now be a daily vote through May 15 so please make sure you keep up your support a little bit longer!

AW Final Round Voting Poster 1A (For Post)

This year for the AW Awards I am in the FINAL NOMINEES in the following categories:

Premium Queen

Web Star Model

North American Live-Cam Model

Internet Celebrity


I have my very own link for you to vote on all the categories I’m nominated in to make it easier for you. Just click the picture above or HERE to go vote for me. After you nominate me, you can post to Twitter that you voted so I can thank you personally! Just make sure you add @littleredbunnyx on the tweet so I can see it. :)

Buch Summit Awards Final Four 1 (spotlight effect)

I’m also still nominated for the Bucharest Summit Awards Independent Model of the Year, which I won the inaugural award last year. Let’s go for two in a row! I’m in the Elite Eight now, and you can help get me into the Final Four where the winner will be voted on LIVE at the Awards Show! Boop boop! You can click HERE or the picture above to vote me.

I know it’s getting cliche to finish these posts with a thank you to everyone, and how much you mean to me. Seems like I say this many times a year. But to be honest, I can never say it enough and never express enough just how much you all mean to me. It’s not an exaggeration how important and special you all are to me, and that will never change. So I hope you get used to me saying this over and over and over again! Hehehe! So thank you all again. I wish I could give you all great big hugs right now!

xx, O

New TES & Live Cam Awards destination: PORTUGAL!

It may be that time of year again (again), but this time when I go to The European Summit and Live Cam Awards, it won’t be in Sitges, Catalan in Spain, it will be in Cascais, Portugal. Even though I am excited to travel to a destination I’ve never been to before, I’m still very sad not to be going back to a city I’ve grown to love over the last three years. Sitges is such a beautiful, tranquil place, filled with wonderful restaurants, and more importantly, wonderful, friendly and unforgettable people! Plus, it was also the first place in Europe I had even been, so it is another reason to have a special place in my heart.

So before I go, I have two videos recapping last year’s trip (A third video wasn’t quite finished before I have to leave, so I will post it when I get back home). The videos not only show some of the things I do for work, socializing and play, but its also a little bit of a love letter to Sitges and all the good times I had there. I hope I get to travel there again sometime soon in the future!

No post before I leave on a trip would be complete without me thanking all of you for making these trips possible. This year at the Live Cam Awards, I’m nominated in FOUR categories, and you can still vote for me through March 1 HERE on by clicking the banner to the right! As I try to expand and grow in the industry, your support, friendship, company and laughter has really helped me keep striving to be the best I can be and makes me so proud of the work I do, especially because of having so many amazing friends and fans around me. I love you all so much!

So enjoy the videos while I’m away. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates from my travels (mostly Twitter!), and as always, be good while I’m gone so we can be bad when I get back! ;)

xx, O


LittleRedAcademy Page is now LIVE!

LRA Banner 1

It’s finally here! I have officially launched my LittleRedAcademy page! So if you are a cam model, studio, or interested in becoming a model or start a studio, all the information you need to get personal mentoring and consulting by me is just a click away! You can either click on the LittleRedAcademy tab above, the banner on the right (if you are seeing this on the main page feed) or click HERE for more information on how you can succeed in the camming industry!

xx, O