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Cinco de Mayo treats for you!

I want to wish everyone a fun, happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!

I also want to share a few recipes of mine for two salsas and a margarita. Think of it as something fresh, spicy and refreshing to enjoy along with me while visiting my room, or anytime you want a nice treat (and think of me too ;) ).

The links for each recipe are below, you can click the link or the picture which will bring you to my XXX site blog. And while you are there, not only can you check out my tasty recipes, you can also check out my tasty pictures and videos. I’m even running a special discount for a monthly membership subscription. And don’t worry, if you can’t subscribe right now, you can always get each album or videos individually in the “STORE” tab.

So what are you waiting for? Fill your tummy and desires with a visit to my XXX site and then cum celebrate Cinco de Mayo with me!

To learn how to make my delicious salsas, click the picture below or HERE.


For my marvelous margarita recipe click the picture below or HERE.


Tequila My Tiempo

11th Bunnyversary is Here!

Bunnyversary 3 Small

Another year has come and gone and it’s now my 11th Bunnyversary! I have had such a great time being with all of you that it honestly doesn’t feel like 11 years. But if I think about it and compare being a webcam performer to a “normal” career, the amount of time I have spent online and invested into this offline is probably closer to 22 years

But the only reason I have dedicated so much of myself to this is because of all the positivity and joy which grew from the people who have surrounded me throughout the years. You all have contributed to who I am today in so many ways and kept things interesting while making me feel loved and appreciated. You helped turn this from just being entertainment into something very meaningful and gave me even more purpose, which allowed me to squeeze (mmm, squeeze ) 22 years of a full-time career into just 11 years. And because of this I enjoyed myself so much I totally lost all sense of time.

11th Bunnyversary 1 (FINAL)

Sure, there were ups and downs, but the point is I’m still here, still giving you the best quality, presence and dedication I can. I never took any of this for granted and always worked as many hours as I could. Even now after earning 18 awards and starting other business adventures, I am always me. Simple me. And I always will be because I cherish the time you all give me, and appreciate everyone I’ve met, whether it be models, members, industry people or anyone else. You’ve inspired me to keep hopping higher in this crazy world no matter what!

I honestly have no regrets because I have gotten back so much more from all of you than I ever expected and received as much of more as I have given you. I’ve been gifted so many friendships and unforgettable experiences which will be a part of me forever.

I’ve always embraced camming because it showed me from the start that it was more than just a little light fun (And while we all love light fun, “deeper” fun is great too :-P). But my biggest gratification was the opportunity to bring some sunshine into someone’s day and become a close friend, confidant, naughty secret and so many more things to so many people. I’ve been given so much special love and feelings just by being my true self which is a luxury I never expected. It happened by randomly meeting each other and sharing things together like a kind of wish come true.

So, I’m not done hopping yet, and I look forward to many, many more beautiful memories we build together and I hope you will always be hopping along with me on this journey.

I love you all so very much!

Xx, O

11th Bunnyversary 2 Small

Thank You Everyone for Live Cam Celebrity Award


Another wonderful trip to Portugal for The European Summit (which is always such a well-run event) and for the Live Cam Awards. I have to first thank Walter and Andreas again from the TES for doing such an incredible job every year at their events. They handle and organize everything so well and professionally and make sure all the little details are taken care of for the attendees. You guys rock!

And I especially want to thank Alexandra, the founder of the Live Cam Awards for continuing to have such a great award show. You’ve worked so hard to make each show memorable and to keep the focus on the cam models and how important we are in this industry and as individuals. I’m so proud of you and respect what you do so much!


This year I was so happy to receive the 2020 Live Cam Celebrity of the Year. I consider myself a simple yet passionate person who never forgets where I came from, so winning this award is really only because of the support and love I get from my friends, fans, models and people in the industry. I have never forgotten any of the people who have been a part of the achievements and successes I’ve had, no matter how big or small a part they played in my life. It’s always a humbling experience to receive an award and I’m beyond touched every time. Thank you everyone for your continued support and friendships. That is always more valuable to me than any trophy I receive.

Love you all!

xx, O


Status update on new LiveJasmin rules.

*** MORE UPDATES 4/25 ***

Here is the new rules update on Jasmin Wiki. Click to see the UPDATE HERE

You can also download a PDF file of the rules with more details in a Power Point presentation HERE.

Original Thread Starts Below

Jasmin Rule Change

As some of you may know I was recently indefinitely suspended (March 13) on LiveJasmin because of some new vague rules they implemented on March 8 with strong punishments right away. After working on the site more than 80 hours a week for 11 years, I was quite insulted and unhappy with this extreme response and their unwillingness to help models adjust to this sudden change in policy.

I lost seven hours of what is usually one of my busiest nights trying to address this issue with LiveJasmin admin but they would not reverse the decision. There seemed to be a lack of clarification of what was and wasn’t acceptable among the staff, initially causing further confusion on what was and wasn’t acceptable on camera. Eventually I found out what I did on camera to be suspended was acceptable under the new rules. I know other models were suspended for vague or contradictory reasons and I hope this will be fixed as well.

My suspension was lifted for now, however many things still remain unclear. I will be having a meeting with Jasmin on Monday, March 15 to try and get more clarification. I will be addressing the need for more precision about how their admin interpret and carry out the new rules as well as the need for better support and understanding from the site to assist in a smoother transition and be more efficient when helping models. Hopefully we can get things managed better and avoid such drastic reactions which can be inconsiderate and harmful to so many models jobs and earnings.

Here is an example of the warnings we get and just how unclear it is for us to know what the warnings are about. There is clearly a lack of clarification in how this is implemented and is very confusing and gives us no chance to fix the issue or even understand why there is an issue (typically there is a screenshot showing the rules violation instead of the trophy symbol):

Jasmin new rules _warning1 Edit

In the meantime I will be hopping around like a good bunny should so if you want to follow my little tail around, or find out more of what is happening, it is best to follow me on Twitter for more immediate updates on my status. If I’m not at my usual warren, you can find me HERE for now or click on the banner to the right.

Thank you all again for your show of support during this time. I especially want to thank the models who shared their experiences with this new rule change as well. When I have my meeting I will continue to try to do what I can to help all models during this transition period and create a better, smoother understanding and implementation of the rules for all involved.

And I apologize to my members if my usual dancing is toned down dramatically for the moment.

xx, O


NOTE TO MODELS (and anyone wishing to understand the rules situation).

The rules are still unclear so far and Jasmin did not use their usual procedure in alerting models to the major new rules and requirements which added to the confusion, so it’s probably better to play it safe for the moment until things get handled better. But if this can help your case, here is some information that may be useful.

There was no mention on Jasmin’s post in our News section telling us that we could get more details about the new policy (and link) on Jasmin Wiki. I went to the Wiki page and tried to see the new rules but couldn’t find any NEW or UPDATED info there.

So as of today (March 16), if you go on the “Visitor Handling and Chat Behavior” page you will STILL find this:

new rules _wiki behavior

and on the same link, there is this about Fetish Category (showing toys being displayed, which is now not accepted):

new rules _wiki fetish

Also If you go on the usual page to understand the rules for each category

you will find this, stating in a larger font that:

“Appearance - In all nude categories sexually provocative clothes and poses are allowed.”

new rules _wiki

Yet someone somehow found that at ONE place in wiki Jasmin it did give a “little” more details about the new rules, yet is still very vague. On this page you will find:

Wiki – Basic Information & Beginner Guide – Categories and Rules – Penalty System – Explicit Behaviour and non-glamorous attire or room (have to scroll down to see it and not obvious to find this at all and I would’ve never known of it if someone did not send me a screenshot and the link directly):

new rules _wiki penalty systemSadly, Jasmin seemed to fail at doing the proper procedures like updating the wiki and sending emails to models and studios in a timely and clear manner.  So I wish you all good luck and hope you don’t run into any trouble while this gets straightened out.

After my meeting with Jasmin today, all I would say for now is to keep an eye on Jasmin’s news and updates as better explanations should be coming soon. Hopefully soon the warnings will have better explanations to make it more clear what violation is happening and how to fix it. I will also update information here as Jasmin releases it.

*** MORE UPDATES 3/21 ***

Here is more feedback from Jasmin models are getting which continues to show a lack of clarification of the rules and the major contradictions in interpretation and execution of the rules among Jasmin admin. Again, all that models are asking for is consistency and communication of what is and isn’t allowed on camera so everyone is on the same page.

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because the consequences to these contradictory violations is a suspension that will last until at least the end of the month. Only then will it be investigated and potentially lifted, which means models will have no opportunity to earn on Jasmin during that time.

One admin response to a violation:
new rules _1to1 warningAnother response to a member about a rules violation:

new rules _dancing ok


2nd Annual State of the Webcam Industry Survey 2020

2020 Cam Survey Header (Social Media Post) 1B

I’m so excited and proud to announce the LittleRedBunny Academy’s 2nd annual State of the Webcam Industry Survey! This annual global survey for webcam models and studio owners across all platforms has a goal to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the industry and to improve productivity, revenue, working conditions and to bring the webcam community closer together.

The 100% anonymous survey will be available from January 15 to April 15 and investigates the demographics, work habits, earnings, products and technology used, practices, experience and feedback of independent models, studio models and studio owners across the globe. No identifying personal information will be required, and all participants will remain completely anonymous.

We also worked to make the survey shorter, easier and quicker to take, and implemented feedback we received from last year’s survey, so a big thank you for those who took it and gave us such great feedback!

There is a lot of potential to make some real difference at all levels of the industry with this survey, and I hope a lot of people not only take the survey, but spread the word around and have other models and studio owners take it too! This is to benefit everyone everywhere involved in and around the webcamming business, so the more people that take it, the better for all!

Having a second set of data points to compare with last year will allow us to get a much better picture of the state of the industry and allow us to compile and use the data to make some real changes and improvements for everyone!

To take the survey and get more information about it, please click the button below or on the survey banner to the right.

Take the Survey Button - INFO (FINAL V4)

For updates and news about the survey, please follow my LittleRedBunny Academy Facebook and Twitter (links below).

Thank you so much and I hope you participate in helping make history among the webcam community!

Twitter @LittleRedAcadem

Facebook @TheArtofCamming

(UPDATED) New Year, New Voting, New Old Promo!


I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve and are having a great year so far! 2019 had a lot going on with some new experiences and opportunities, but as always, there are some things that remain the same.

I am so happy to have made it to the final voting for the Live Cam Awards in five categories and you can HELP ME OUT! I would really appreciate if you can REGISTER on the LCA SITE (it just takes a minute) if you haven’t already and vote for me in the following categories:

Best Live Cam Model Brand

Live Cam Celebrity of the Year

Best Live Cam Model Personal Site

Social Media Star

Best Live Cam Training Program

 I’m a busy bunny and doing my best to expand what I’m doing in the industry, so your help in voting me would be greatly appreciated!

Also with the new year comes the return of an old promo code. Create a new member account at my CAMS.LITTLEREDBUNNY.COM site using the promo code HopMeMore and you will get 30% OFF your first purchase of credits!

Thank you all again for your constant support, friendship and being here for me! It is honestly, truly appreciated! I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring and hope you will continue to be a part of it with me! I love you all!

xx, O

AVN Nominations Now Open!

AVN Nominate Me 2020 Poster 1A (Uncensored)

I hope everyone is doing well as we go into the Fall season. And just like the leaves this time of year, things are changing for the AVN Awards with a new pre-nomination process. If you want to see me nominated for the AVN Award for Favorite Cam Girl for 2020, you have to do a few simple steps.

In order to participate in the pre-nomination process just click HERE to vote for me. (You must first sign up for an AVN Stars account or you can also log in using a Twitter account). Clicking on the picture above will also get you to the right place to vote/register.

Here is what you should see when you go to the link and click SUBMIT:

AVN Nominate Image

It’s an extra little step but I hop, I mean hope it’s not too time consuming for you and you make time to help me get the nomination. ;)

As always, I am so so so appreciative of all your help and support through the years. It’s such a pleasure to have you all in my life and it means so much to me for the happiness and kindness you have shown me. I wish I could give you all a great big hug right now!

xx, O

Prague 2018 Recap before 2019 Trip

Another year, another trip to a place I enjoy going to for so many reasons. I’m off to Prague for the TES Affiliate Summit and YNOT Awards. Last year was a very fun and productive trip and I’m hoping for more of the same this year. I’m also nominated for “Celebrity of the Year” at the YNOT Awards and even if I don’t get it, I’m very thankful for everyone who took the time to vote for me. It is always greatly appreciated.

So I hope you enjoy this video of a few of the things I did last year and some of the wonderful people I got to spend time with. As always, I will miss you all while I’m gone, so be good while I’m away so we can be bad together when I get back.

xx, O

Hollywood 2018 Trip Recap (YNOT Awards)

I’m soon off to Sunny California for the second YNOT Awards Hollywood and the first annual YNOT #Cammunity Summit from Aug 5 – 7! Last year I was lucky enough to win the Most Playful Model, and this year I am nominated for Cammunity Ambassador! I’m very excited to be a part of this dedicated summit for cam models in the US and can’t wait to take part in the panels, presentations and parties! :)

So before I go, here is a little recap video of my trip to LA last year and a few of the things I did while there. It felt good for this little bunny to get out of her little bunny warren and get some sunshine and my feet wet without having to put a pool on my bed. Lol! Hope you enjoy the video and thank you again for all your support, friendship and time you spend with me. I can never say enough how much I appreciate you all!

xx, O

Don’t miss the show! You will be able to watch the YNOT Awards live Aug 7 at 8:30pm  PST  HERE! And an extra thanks to all of you who voted for me everyday (or as often as you could). It’s really appreciated and I love your support!

There is also a little interview with me for the YNOT Cam Awards you can check out too HERE or click the picture below.

Screnshot Interview

For those attending #Cammunity, I will be speaking at 10am PST on the Model Resources: Getting Help After #Cammunity and hosting a Model Mastery Meeting at noon discussing a variety of topics and solutions for some of the most important issues models have to face. Hope to see you there!

20190729-213310-13482072 20190729-213335-13482317