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Remember Everyone

Remember everyone, there is a great special for the month of August for all my new CammingCon fans and those of you who visit my room in Jasmin but haven’t yet taken the plunge and registered, here’s three reasons to do it in August.

Join Jasmin using my LittleRedBunnyCam Jasmin Affiliate link HERE and get 10 Free Private Teasers.

You can use them when I’m in Private to peek in on the hot and erotic action, and see just what fun we can have if you take me private as well. Or use them on any of the many hot ladies on Jasmin too to take a peek at what they are doing in private.

Also your first purchase of credits gets a BONUS of $10.99 credits when you validate your credit card.

(That just means they check to see if its a real credit card.)

AND THEN, on your first purchase of credits in August, use my promotional code “HopOnMe” for an ADDED 10%. Just enter the code in the top left when you get to the purchase page. Choose wisely since you only get the 10% on your first purchase.

Wow, all that free credits and peeks, don’t you want to sign up now? Maybe I can be your very first private.

I promise I’ll make it very special…


Bunny In A Bikini

The rain went away and then the people at Vice wanted me to do a beach photo shoot for an upcoming article on their website before I took off back to NYC. Here’s a teaser for all my friends and fans. More as soon as they post it.

Hope to see you Monday when I get back.



Working The Tables

They gave each of us a table.

The wonderful lady who had the table next to me, Kelly Cabbana.

Amazing woman, be sure to check her Twitter feed out. And check out the people at, they took the pictures for me at the table and with Kelly.

And remember if you couldn’t join us in Miami, I’ll be back next week ready for fun and games in my room. If you haven’t signed up for Jasmin yet, be sure to check out this great LittleRedBunny August Special for free credits and sneak peeks. I hope you’ll stop by and let me tell you about all the fun I had here at CammingCon.

I’m off to dinner before tonight’s party.

Hugs and kisses,


Bedtime For Bunny

Friday night was a blast, first it was Italian food with some new friends for dinner.

Then a ride on the funky bus to the CammingCon party.

Here’s a shot of the party from the CammingCon VIP booth. Everyone was having a great time, thanks to the Convention for the fun.

And now its a kiss for all my fans and friends before I turn in.



Finally Some Sunshine!!!

Finally some sunshine!!! Woke up to a gorgeous Miami morning. Here’s a picture from my hotel room window.

Wow. Even curbside parking for your yacht….LOL.

This is the hotel, its amazing.

Today is all industry “meet and greets”. I’ve got a ton of interviews with reporters and stuff today but I’ll try and post a few quick things to my LittleRedBunny Twiiter Feed as I can.

Love you all and hope to see you tomorrow when we get to meet our fans.

More to come.