Portugal 2018 Recap 1 – Exploring Cascais

I’ll soon be off to Portugal for The European Summit and the 10th Anniversary edition of the Live Cam Awards Gala, and I have a sort of “lost” series of videos from my first trip to this lovely country. There was a lot of footage from that first trip that really hasn’t been used yet, so here is the first of a few videos from that original trip.

This video is my first day of exploring Cascais, especially down by the shoreline during a windy and wave-filled sunny day. It was an incredible experience and my heart still races watching this again and the awesome power of the wind and waves pounding the shore and break-walls of a marina. It was incredible and while I’ve posted some pictures from that day, I haven’t really shown any videos of it. So I hope you enjoy it!


Make sure to check out the next video when it is released soon, and I should have at least one or two more after I get back from Portugal.

Also don’t forget to vote me for the Live Cam Awards. You can vote me HERE or click the banner to the right or go to the post below this one!

Thanks again for all your support and enjoy the video!


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