Today, March 11th, is the 65th Birthday of Adult Industry Legend Nina Hartley! It is also the 40th anniversary of her debut film Educating Nina (1984). So I wanted to do a little something special for her, as over the years when I have been lucky enough to run into her, she has always made time for me, been a very sweet, kind and caring person, and I’m happy to call her a friend. And even though we don’t get to meet in person much anymore, I’ve had the privilege to keep in touch with her personally, which means a lot to me. She really is a truly kind and respectful person and I appreciate her very much.

So here is a quick video of some of our interactions over the years as my way of saying Happy Birthday and thank you for being the wonderful person you are! You show a great dedication to actively contributing to supporting women in our industry and we are so lucky to have you! It is such a privilege and honor to get to know you, and I wish you the best always and there are many reasons you are a legend! So best wishes, and hope you celebrate many more very happy birthdays!

xx, O


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