Bucharest Summit Awards video!

BSA 20170622-203604-7680158

Well, this was my third trip to Romania, and this time I had two big events to go to. The first event was also the first time it was being held: The Bucharest Summit. It was very well organized, with so many wonderful, professional people making it a great experience. It was also the first awards show on this trip, and I was honored to win the first award of the night for Best Independent Cam Model. I was so nervous as you will be able to tell from the video.

So first of all I have to thank everyone who voted for me to even get me nominated. You are all so amazing and supportive! I love and appreciate you so much! And of course I have to thank the jury who made the final vote live during the show. It was exciting but also very nerve-wracking! But that voting system made the night a lot of fun!

You can click on the picture or link above to start watching from when my category is announced and voted on. I wasn’t able to embed the video into this post so it will redirect you to YouTube. The sound is not great on this video, so if there is a better version posted later on I will add it here.

I’m busy preparing for Colombia, but hopefully next week I can post my personal video of the award to share with you and see a different view of things.

xx, O



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