15th Bunnyversary Celebration is almost here!

Another year has passed, and I am soon approaching my 15th Bunnyversary of when I first started camming online! I can’t believe how quickly time went by and it’s been this long already!

Because of plans I already made, I will be celebrating a few days earlier this year. The party will be April 5th instead of on the usual 7th. So I hope you will cum by to join in the festivities. Not only will it be a celebration of my 15 years camming, but I also want to celebrate you all, as you’ve been so wonderful and supportive of me, and your company, conversations and fun times together has made these years go by like a blink! I would never have made it this long if it weren’t for all of you!

So I hope to see you all this Friday, April 5 and share stories, songs, laughs, sips and great times. And who knows, maybe I’ll see if I can make it to a 30th Bunnyversary! Lol!

Xx, O

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